Wish this game had a "jiggle OFF" option

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User Info: iRawrHardcore

4 years ago#151

User Info: OhhSnap

4 years ago#152
TheSuperGameGod posted...
I'm not sure if the TC is trolling or not, but I actually agree with him. There should be a new game rating that's a P, for perverted,

This game is hardly as perverted as previous games. Which IMHO is a great thing. But there's a reason games are rated M FOR MATURE;
Complaining about a game being perverted doesn't seem to fit you under the "mature" category; So you two can go off and play a T for Teen game.

User Info: KenshinX13

4 years ago#153
Howard_C_Neal posted...
MahadoKusanagi posted...
Howard_C_Neal posted...
Lots of people agree with me. It's too bad you're stuck in puberty, obsessed with bosoms. You need to mature.

That's a joke right? On almost EVERY damn topic you are complaining about something, most of the time about the boobs. What's wrong with you?
Just quit playing DoA 5 and play Tekken or SF if it bothers you that much, its just as simple as that. TN will NEVER quit doing what they are doing because it's a part of DoA.
Quit whining man, you are only just making yourself look ridiculous

I do play SF and other fighters. I used to like DOA, but it's just too much.

As a religious Christian, I cannot condone fanservice, it is evil. If there was an option to turn it off and cover up the women, I would be all for it.

....so fanservice is evil? like... evil evil? so doesn't that kinda contradict your religion to play fighting games at all? you're beating the snot of people after all.
Sometimes you've gotta fight for what you believe in without holding back to go forward.
PSN: Kira_Aotsuki

User Info: Garfield64

4 years ago#154
Howard_C_Neal posted...
Lots of people agree with me. It's too bad you're stuck in puberty, obsessed with bosoms. You need to mature.

I am obsessed with bosoms and I'm a adult, married, and have a kid.

Most likely your just broken.
WARNING: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/user.php?=2426382
Is a very well known Troll, please do not fall for their shenanigans!

User Info: OhhSnap

4 years ago#155
this thread really needs to die out

User Info: Tigercml

4 years ago#156
Religion - Leading cause of death above anything else in existence, responsible for the fall of civilizations, hatred of women, pedophilia (which explains the hatred towards women).

Boobs - Milk for feeding (a necessity in life), fun to play with, aesthetically pleasing, great to the touch, can be used as pillows, also doubles as a flotation device.

It's seems like religion is more evil than boobs.

User Info: Xeven

4 years ago#157
Yes! The jiggling is just lame.

User Info: cybermastere

4 years ago#158
I wish there still was the "age" option in the game... like that, all ther whiners could put their age at 1 and be happy with no jiggling...

User Info: Tekken_Mistress

4 years ago#159
Well, I'm a Christian AND a woman. It sounds like to me you're just trying to put stumbling blocks for other Christians who enjoy this game. Boobs aren't evil, and fact of the matter is they DO move. Perhaps this would better explain the tc's intention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbiPR2TXhnk
Married to a wonderful man, life is GOOD!!! X)

User Info: Sengroth

4 years ago#160
Where is Howard, i want more of his whining and complaining. For me the game is amusement and the whining to. Its always so hilarious if someone make a fool of himself, why the anger? We should laugh about his comedy act (funny is he believe what he says).
I am the Chaos Overlord.
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