Rumor: TN working on updated DOA5 for PS4!

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User Info: wave1000

4 years ago#11
Anomalycad posted...
carib2g posted...
This is supposedly in addition to the WiiU updated version they are developing.

This may partially "explain" why they've been so lazy with the costume DLC...

I swear, if they try to charge me again for the costumes I've already bought for the PS3 version....I will NEVER buy another game developed by them.

I bet the characters that people wanted in this game will be added. I wish they wouldn't, and just add new characters instead....I wouldn't mind Momiji and Rachel from NG.

My 2 cents.

Never state any rumors unless you have a source otherwise this is not considered anything.


also that rumor does not even make since. Wii U maybe PS4 NO! They are going to need something better to come against SF5 and TXSF and they know this releasing DOA5 again would do nothing.
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User Info: 1111qq

4 years ago#12
i wonder what induced that hallucination which the topic creator refers to as a "rumor"
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User Info: monkeypahng

4 years ago#13
I heard a rumour that the next DOA game will include characters from the DW series. Obviously they won't be using their weapons, but an unique Chinese martial art.
The console with the greater spec generally loses.
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User Info: LOSTinTOKYO

4 years ago#14
omg I hope Team Ninja doesn't make that move. Just like other ppl said it will be better if they focus on making dead or alive 6

User Info: Shin_Akuma76

4 years ago#15
EmiliaTheSage posted...
What will happen to PSN when PS4 is released? Will it suffer the same fate as the first Xbox a few years after 360 was released?

Nope, thankfully Sony has been smart enough to continue support for their last gen systems for a few years after the release of their newest system.

User Info: qO_Oq

4 years ago#16
From: jelikebishou | #004
Rumor: TN working on nude doa game that will cure cancer and give you money for free

i swear it's coming, guise. but it's just a rumor...

I will never need sex, a job, and health insurance ever in my life. Awesome.
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