Why are they trying to make Zack look weak in this game?

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  3. Why are they trying to make Zack look weak in this game?

User Info: 1111qq

4 years ago#11
Thing is the Ninjas main story always go beyond the tournament itself,
thus making it as thou they don't win the "official tournament" and never take the prize money.
All of Zack's winnings come from the old games, not DOA:D crap of a remade s*** story.
In both DOA 1 & 2 he make a high enough rank to win some money prize but not win those 2 tournaments.
In DOA 3 he claims victor and gets the money due to Ayane leaving after the Genra issue is resolved.
DOA 4, Helena is the official winner but after getting rescued by Zack, she officially names him the Victor.
So indeed Zack made it big on all tournaments and made winner of DOA 3 and 4.
To me DOA 5 Zack is just another unnecessary pointless dumb change done due to
the fake war of Hayashi vs The ghost of Itagaki's past.
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User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#12
I never liked Zack before DOA5 lol. Then again I'd have never played as him if the story mode hadn't forced me to, but atleast now I have some insight into his insanity.

User Info: werewolfgold

4 years ago#13
Well, he's strong enough to beat both Tina and Mila in a 1 on 2 match (after somehow being beaten by both of them individually...?)

I dunno what they're trying to do. Maybe it's one of those "I'm not actually left-handed" things.
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User Info: tinyjotun

4 years ago#14
Lacrymosa143 posted...
Kasumi won the first. Ryu won the 2nd. Ayane won the 3rd. Helena won the 4th (zack saved her from a burning building with a helicopter, but Helena did the winning). None of the ninjas participated though. Jannlee won the 5th. But he lost to rig, who didnt participate, and was beaten by the ninjas, who also didnt participate. Helena didnt participate either. So Zack didnt really win any of the tournaments.

Don't forget in the pre-tournament story of DOA5, Zack did beat Jann Lee once, then they rematched and Jann won. You play out both fights in story mode.

User Info: Zero_Shinzaki

4 years ago#15
Zack was always a bit of a goof but he's really been reduced to buttmonkey status in this one.

like, other than Lisa, he's the only black person in the game, and specifically the only black man. in the past games he was an oddball but his endings seemed to focus more on his need to do something bloodpumpingly crazy with the money he won.

officially he won the third tournament, because Ayane wasnt even part of it, she was only after Genra, dealt with him, and then left.

It's really disappointing that Zack basically became comic relief. yeah his costumes were always kinda out there, but before this, he was never really portrayed as the complete idiot he appears as now. i mean, i never really liked Zack to begin with, but even i was kinda disgusted at how badly they mangled what little character he had.
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User Info: mogrock

4 years ago#16
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  3. Why are they trying to make Zack look weak in this game?

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