Barefoot Kasumi swimsuit in upcoming DLC

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User Info: GlLGAMESH

4 years ago#11
Here is another.

User Info: wave1000

4 years ago#12
g-gill24 posted...
You have foot fetish lol?

He's a normal guy when it comes to girls so he has an everything fetish.
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User Info: Daimeion

4 years ago#13
vega2505 posted...
Daimeion posted...
GlLGAMESH posted...

Cannot wait.

It doesn't seem like they are using the same models like the ones from the home version. It even seems less detailed in a way.

Because the Vita can't handle console graphics...but our versions will look better.

Hehehe well yeah. I meant their foot models that were used in the home version. Like for example, Kasumi, Ayane, and Helena(black) shared the same model that were used when they are wearing their swimsuits.
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User Info: DrkVrtx

4 years ago#14
I am prepared for the flood of Gilgamesh topics once this DLC drops.

User Info: Honesty

4 years ago#15
It's whatever to use the same foot model for multiple women.

It's like real life - unless the woman is a hobbit and/or doesn't have extremely long finger-like toes; the she'll pretty much have the "same looking" feet as half of her fellow women.

Evey girl I know who isn't obese/overweight and/or actually cleans themselves and doesn't let their feet look as nasty as their faces; I have noticed their feet are all similar looking (it's hard to not notice in the summer).

So there you have it. Same models = OK.

(Well maybe they could give Tina some big ass feet combined with a few hairy toes)

User Info: Lugadokastro

4 years ago#16
GlLGAMESH posted...
Mechabot posted...
Wait, is this for the vita or for consoles??


that pic is for the vita, looks like the same swimsuit from collectors edition
so it might be only for vita

User Info: 1111qq

4 years ago#17
GlLGAMESH posted...
Mechabot posted...
Wait, is this for the vita or for consoles??


^ Exactly that, TN said you can share DLC, so since its CE and cheerleader ones are PO,
it will perhaps be out a bit later for PS3 and X360 just like with CE and PO DOA5 had.
People! you need to read the official sites before posting, ty.
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User Info: BurningFlareX

4 years ago#18
Yeah, right. The X360 isn't gonna get anything. I've lost any and all hope for that since the MASSIVE delay of the 1.03 Patch.
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User Info: warcueid

4 years ago#19
lol wont they include a single swimsuit on the game? will all customs be freaky DLC?
bad Tecmo lol they are realy meanie lmao,
whats realy the meaning on adding Plus name on Vita version?

User Info: GlLGAMESH

4 years ago#20
Guys! Settle down with all the speculation and false rumors!

We have no idea yet whether or any of the VITA content will be available for the 360 version. It's been confirmed that DLC will be cross-platform for VITA and PS3, meaning if you buy it for one, you get it free for the other. HOWEVER, they NEVER said that this content won't come out on the 360. It makes much more sense that it WILL, and you'll just have to pay for it whether or not you bought it for PS3/VITA. This seems more likely simply because you use the same PS account for both VITA and PS3, but obviously you have to use your LIVE account on your 360.

As far as what costumes will be available on disc for DOA5+, nothing has been confirmed, but more than likely there will be much more than what came with the original. Chances are there will be swimsuits... So calm down!

The "plus" is for all the extra content on disc with DOA5+. Many new modes and features have been announced, but I'm not going to spell them out for you here. Go use Google.
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