Dead or Alive news at E3?

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User Info: CeeEsbee

4 years ago#51
@ 1111qq:

I think Jann Lee sees Zack's a joke and losing to someone like him isn't worth getting revenge for. But yeah if Zack had participated and his win against Jann Lee counted, his fight against Rig might have eliminated him but then again both Zack and Rig aren't participants.

I'm sensing she might go against him by DOA6 and may be one of the good guys or at least have neutral alliances by that time. The best real man that she could have found should have been Leon if he wasn't cut off the roster.

User Info: Rapham0n

4 years ago#52
New news next week huh? Well guys I'm really hoping the news is not the announcement of some edition of the game that includes all of the DLC and at a reduced price. Many of you might want that, but try to see it from my point of view. I only purchased this game about 2 weeks ago. So for TN to come out now and announce that there will be a version which includes all the DLC, well if they do that then I'm going to send TN a photo of me giving them the finger. That's all I can say. TN is not CAPCOM. As TN supporters We should not have to deal with crap like this. This is exactly why I've stopped buying CAPCOM games. Because the people who buy the games at the initial release are the ones who get screwed over. :\

If they were going to ever release a version of the game with all DLC included then they should have let us know about these plans at the very beginning of the year IMHO. The very least they could have done was to let us know that there could possibly be such a version of the game coming out at some time.

If they do reveal a "complete edition" of the game then all I can say is that they better make all DLC free for those of us that bought the original version of the game.
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User Info: Infernus93

4 years ago#53
Rapham0n posted...
If they do reveal a "complete edition" of the game then all I can say is that they better make all DLC free for those of us that bought the original version of the game.

Nah, they've got no obligation to cater to your sense of entitlement. Games go down in price (just like everything else). DOA5 is $30 at most places now, and has been for a couple months. If you bought this two weeks ago and paid much more, you need to shop around.

Re-releases are almost always around the original retail price, and when they're not, they're still higher than the standard edition. So people would basically be paying for that content anyway. It would be cheaper, but that's the incentive for more people to buy the game. Which would be good for anyone that already has it.

By your logic, anyone who bought the game at $60 should have gotten some of their money back when the price dropped.
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User Info: pkmastah15

4 years ago#54
Oh so no DOAX3?

They did say it's about DOA5...maybe another balance patch? DOA5U?

User Info: wave1000

4 years ago#55
CeeEsbee posted...
I think it's still too early for DOAX3. The swimsuits given to them aren't even entirely new to begin with since all of them came from DOAX2 except for some recolors that didn't existed back then like Ayane's and Sarah's swimsuits from the Paradise set .

Plus, designing new batches of swimsuit sets for each girl that are different from the 2 previous DOAX games takes a little time and effort.

What I would expect as news is more content for consoles. Additional stages would be nice. Great Opera, Lorelei, Ray House, Seaside Paradise, DOATEC Great Hall and the Freedom Survivor's ballroom would be highly appreciated. It would also be nice if character themes will be back but would be better if they don't charge us for music.

Returning characters? Not likely to happen but I would only prefer Leon to return since they're not really dead. Hayate's embracing his real self more than his Ein alter-ego so I'll take 1111qq's word for this that his style can just be utilized to someone from Hitomi's dojo, preferably her father if they make him playable but I don't mind Ein returning as himself.

Additional non-veteran characters? Again, not likely to happen but would be nice to have Hitomi's father (if Ein's not returning), Irene Lew, Niki and Rio. No more ninjas please. 4 is already enough to handle.

But its the end of the gen they can't wait for next gen then try to push that because it won't sell and people would say well they could have done better if it was on PS4. This is there last year if they are going to do it I think.
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User Info: dragonfruit152

4 years ago#56
Its coming sooner than we all thought!

User Info: 1111qq

4 years ago#57
dragonfruit152 posted...
Its coming sooner than we all thought!

Well there are no details as to what exactly that is, if anyone knows more that would be great
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User Info: Yoctojoule

4 years ago#58
dragonfruit152 posted...
Its coming sooner than we all thought!

Is a DL Digital version of DoA5 for the XBox360 the "news" everyone is talking about ?

User Info: dragonfruit152

4 years ago#59
Its located in the Vita section in japanese
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