Do you like the stages in DOA5?

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User Info: pkmastah15

4 years ago#1
Seeing as how there is a topic for a music for the game, I want to see how everyone feels about the stage designs.

I hate most of the stages because all of them are way too dark. I like the DWA ring and Zack's island though because they remind me of the older game stages.

User Info: DeeNinjaa

4 years ago#2
I don't like any of them, minus Zack Island. They're all boring, flat squares. :<

User Info: psfanatix18

4 years ago#3
I like them better than DoA: Hardcore.
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User Info: Infernus93

4 years ago#4

Home is a little too cramped in the first part, and I'm not fond of Fuel overall, but the rest offer a really nice variety. I'm a little in the middle on Ends of the Earth, but I really like the rest.
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User Info: vega2505

4 years ago#5
They have some nice Michael Bay kind of stuff going on...but take that away and they're boring as hell, since they rely solely on their explosions and breakable crap now instead of something just outright visually appealing.

Also, the locations are pretty bland and half of them are on that damn oil rig.

Hell, just compare the snow stages in previous games to this one and notice how bland it is in comparison.
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User Info: KrizmKazm

4 years ago#6
I love the stages but I wish there were more, a lot more. I love fighting on the stages that are multitier and feature a lot of interactive objects. I just wish they could be used in tag mode as well :/

I would have like to have seen more use of the weather effects as well. The snow stage is beautiful but the snowfall could have been thicker. A rainy stage would have been a beautiful addition too, especially considering how water effects are used in DOA5.

Also, the "cliffhanger" feature should be on more stages.

User Info: Zeroforce14

4 years ago#7
the stages are cool, but it just needs a few more. Like the ship that Kasumi is standing on at the end of the story, that'd be cool. or inside the bar that they all hang around at to play pool during the story.
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User Info: istuffedsunny

4 years ago#8
Definitely the worst since DOA1. It's especially obvious if you play TTT2 immediately after DOA5. There's lots of crazy stuff going on in them and the music's fast and upbeat
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User Info: CeeEsbee

4 years ago#9
Zack Island, Sakura, Primal, The Ends of the Earth, Street and Fighting Entertainment are the only ones I like.

They seriously need Seaside Paradise, Lorelei, DOATEC Great Hall, Great Opera and the Freedom Survivor's ballroom from DOAD back as stages.

Hell, I'd settle fighting in Helena's office inside the Freedom Survivor as another choice or inside that train where Leifang and Jann Lee were supposed to fight.

User Info: CloiCloisonne

4 years ago#10
I can't stand the stages, they really are BORING. Flow is probably the best one. I really do think they were lazy to be honest, the stages in DOA3 were amazing (snow stage, lorelei, temple, ice cave, aquarium) Jesus, even DOA2 had better than this, and DOA2 ultimate just wipes the floor with 5's offerings.
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