Best WTF scene ever

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User Info: mkfighter

4 years ago#11
There were plenty of WTF scenes in the game's story mode. If I had to choose, I'd name a few:

1. (as mentioned before) Kasumi appearing randomly in Antarctica wearing the same exact outfit she always has been. Why would anyone be out there in that temperature wearing what she is... but then I remembered I was playing a video game. A DOA game too.

2. When an explosion occurs in Tokyo and Kokoro stands there like nothing is happening but says "Tokyo is scary." I thought to myself, Kokoro probably triggered that bomb...

3. "Kasumi" gets caught by Hayate and Ayane and eventually stabbed. Until I found out it wasnt actually her.

4. More towards the end where the whole lab is being destroyed and falling apart. Some boulder falls on Lisa or the room that shes in and she screams. Led me to think she was killed in the destruction but probably NAHHH. She'll be back.

5. Ending. Rig addresses Donovan as "father".

User Info: 1111qq

4 years ago#12
CeeEsbee posted...
Bass' cue ball flying off the pool table.

He really has bad aim to be playing billiards.

He was pissed because of Christie's remark, bass doesn't have a short fuse, he simply has no fuse.

On topic another good WTF scene is when Zack goes live on TV and keeps asking in LIVE
broadcast which camera to look at, a number of times.

The WTF scene that truly deserves the best WTF awards is when Zack speaks on TV and the monkey applauds him so vigorously and with such enthusiasm.
Racism at its purest or what.
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User Info: pkmastah15

4 years ago#13
BurningFlareX posted...
KrowlinMAN posted...
mine was kokoro in Tokyo, when everything blows up around her for no reason at all, and then she says "Tokyo is scary"

I think that's actually Ryu, fighting Lisa on top of the building there (You see that in his chapter), and activates the Cliffhanger of the Scramble stage and throws Lisa off, which sort of explains why Lisa randomly appears and everything falls apart. The fact that the title for that fight is "Throw your opponent off of a Cliffhanger" sort of supports this I suppose.

I thought it was more WTFish at how Lisa just casually appears in front of Kokoro after that fight on the building. I mean damn, she survived a fall from a building and got to Kokoro in just a matter of second from that building after the explosion occurred.

She must be Batman behind the mask.

User Info: Sekoku

4 years ago#14
I think it makes more sense that Lisa threw Ryu off the cliff, Ryu teleports (as Ninja do) to save himself and Lisa comes down from the building to fight Kokoro.

But then again the entire story mode is a bit WTF given DOA4's ending cutscene (still the best CGI cutscene for the entire series)

DOATEC is blown up, Kasumi/Ayane/Ryu/Hayate battle DOATEC and Kasumi battles Alpha-452 only for... Alpha to escape in the explosion?

It would've been nice for Alpha's line to end and new Team Ninja to have had a clean slate with the whole "Helena and DOATEC turn over a new leaf" thing with the remants of Donovan's splinter group doing something different from Alpha and messing with the Ninjas, but oh well...

Edit: Actually rewatching that cutscene Alpha-452 clearly escapes but still annoying that they wouldn't write her out. I'm a bit tired of the DOATEC messing with the Hayate ninja clan for perfect super soldiers story-line.
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