About this new DOA5 project...

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User Info: mkfighter

4 years ago#1
What do you all THINK this new project is? Anyone excited for it or just indifferent?

I'm kind of hoping it isn't just a re-release of DOA5 with all the DLC. I feel its somewhat unfair and a cheap move to the people who had already purchased the DLC of the game when they would just release the game again with all of the DLC intact. I do hope that this new "project" really is an accomplished expansion worthy of buying such as including plenty of new characters, stages, outfits, etc... As long as it isn't the same thing like what WB/Midway did with MK9 and their "Komplete Edition". Good thing the only DLC I purchased for that game was the Scarlet character.

As we all know, Momiji has appeared and will most likely be a new playable character along with a new stage from NG. And theres a rumor saying Leon will possibly return. I'm hoping to see Tengu return, just because haha

User Info: SonicNash

4 years ago#2
Just the image of Momiji in bikini...

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User Info: RX_93_Nu_Gundam

4 years ago#3
It might contain a new patch to address balance issues. Maybe they'll add new moves for each character. Possibly new stages. Additional characters. Momiji is essentially confirmed. Then of course there is Leon who will likely make the cut. It's possible that other characters might make a return such as Ein, Tengu, and possibly Kasumi Alpha.

But honestly, who knows what this new update will contain.

User Info: Redd_White

4 years ago#4
It's pretty much confirmed it's gonna be an expansion. The fact that there's gonna be new characters essentially confirms they're not gonna half ass the job as it's the toughest part to create in a fighting game. Plus the way they're hyping it, you know it's gonna be something big : I don't think they'd mention E3 if it was just a rerelease. Still, I actually hope that among the brand new contents, the old DLC will be offered on the disc. Some of us can't download it that easily.
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