DOA6 or DOAX3?

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User Info: GlLGAMESH

4 years ago#21
There is really no excuse for not being able to come up with more swimsuit designs. The character models look gorgeous and the environments are pretty snazzy, too, so it's not like the design team is incompetent.

User Info: EmiliaTheSage

4 years ago#22
If DOAX3 is released on the PC then we will have more unique swimsuits / mod skins made by the fans than the lazy developers.
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User Info: wave1000

4 years ago#23
The excuse is itagaki is not there so no way can you expect the same DOA quality like in the past just like at how 5 was released unfinished. Itagaki would have never did this let alone have VF characters in the game when crossovers in fighters are now not special anymore. You can't compare old TN to this new TN because the new guys don't get it. Evan if you did not like itagaki's games for there game play he always stressed quality something TN now does not do because they don't speak up to Tecmo and fight back when they tell them just put it out like it is we will fix it later.
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User Info: AllstarSniper32

4 years ago#24
BurningFlareX posted...
DOAX3. Not because I'm a pervert, because I believe TN will find a TON of milking potential in DOAX3, and just go ahead and release it.
It could have Gravure movies (Pole Dancing as an example) and OLD bikinis as DLC and maybe even more DLC that goes the DOA5 way: You have to pay for stuff that was free in the previous games.
Heck, if a bikini / outfit had like, 5 re-colors in DOAX2, they could put 3 of them in-game, release the other 2 as DLC, and sell 5 more of the SAME bikini with different recolors.
Maybe 1 or 2 NEW bikinis for each girl, and then, 5 recolors of those bikinis.
OR, the worst case scenario: A "Nude" or "Topless" mode DLC, that is VERY overpriced (will be 15$ at least, but it'll never happen anyway.). Yes, I believe they will make such a mode DLC, rather than putting it on-disk (Or make it disk-locked), since most people will buy it and they'll make a huge profit from it.
Then here comes DOAP2 on the Vita, with the ability to move the breast as you'd like....

Ugh I hope this isn't the case...even though you are right, people will buy it...
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