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User Info: Lugadokastro

4 years ago#11
burnoutguy314 posted...
I there's a new girl, I'd want her to be Indian, Arabian, Egpytian or something along those lines. They already have the Asian part covered with 4 Asian female characters, 5 if you include Pai.

5 and a half if you include Hitomi, lol.

tekken pretty much got that one covered so far

User Info: Leifang2000

4 years ago#12
Leifang pig tail!, now we need her DOA3 dress.
---(|^_^|) T'ai Chi Quan is Awesome!!! (/^_^\) ----

User Info: SonicxAmy4Life

4 years ago#13
pkmastah15 posted...
They don't have a Korean girl though...

Yeah I hope they add one to

User Info: FocusDMR

4 years ago#14
Here is a trailer. Kasumi vs Momiji and a teaser at the end
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