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User Info: UltimateSol

4 years ago#1

Alpha Kasumi




Joe Hayabusa (he would be badass fighter if TN add him into game)

Sanji *lol*
PSN: ultimatesolzero / SSFIV AE Mains: Rose,Sakura,Fei-long,Rufus,Yun

User Info: LOSTinTOKYO

4 years ago#2
hopefully they add Rachel and a new boy and a new girl alongside with Tengu or Shiden
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Currently waiting for: The Last of Us-DOA5 ULTIMATE-Super Smash Bros Wii U

User Info: CeeEsbee

4 years ago#3
Give Rio a fighting style and it's already good.

User Info: JanayBerry

4 years ago#4
You forgot Muramasa.
PSN ID: Jim_Berry
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User Info: Darkcypher2

4 years ago#5
i alone have mastered the art of combat. my satsui no hadou will never fade
-Oni ~~Asura's wrath

User Info: ToastyAnakin

4 years ago#6
so many of those characters are worthless. Just Tengu and possibly Rachel please.
"if gears can be done on the 360, than any game can be done on the 360" (Wisdom_Cube) "I am the content doesn't inst rest me yet"(theroc500)

User Info: tee316

4 years ago#7
Raidou is the only DOAD character left that I like. He was fun to play against in DOA1 and DOAD.

User Info: Hui_Tian

4 years ago#8
wasn't there also a Spartan in DOA4? I can't remember

User Info: tee316

4 years ago#9
From: Hui_Tian | #008
wasn't there also a Spartan in DOA4? I can't remember

Yes, her name was Nicole.

User Info: ben10pokemon79

4 years ago#10
I want:

New Girl
New Boy
Victor Donovan
"OBJECTION! Oh man, that is really fun to say!"
It really is.
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