Dear Team Ninja/ Tecmo, Thanks for making a fighting game worth playing!

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  3. Dear Team Ninja/ Tecmo, Thanks for making a fighting game worth playing!

User Info: moonlithunter

4 years ago#1
Having been a Tekken player since its PS1 release, I've obviously seen the series best days- 1 through 3 IMO - to its current format of 8 chained button combo's that can end a fight the moment you launch your opponent into the air.

Needless to say, by the time I'd spent a week with Tekken 6 I was forced to admit a hard truth- the years had NOT been kind to the franchise. Sure, the graphics had evolved beyond the pixels, but the play had become less about outwitting your opponent and more about who could execute the appropriate combo's faster. One slip- Game over.

When I rented Tekken Tag 2 I was so disappointed by it I returned it three hours later. ( I invite YOU to even try sitting through 10 minutes of the character customization. Time how long it takes before putting a blowtorch to your ear drum sounds like a good idea if you do! )

So it seemed I was fated to rely on Injustice, Mortal Kombat or UFC for good fighting game entertainment.... yet NONE of those titles could truly scratch that " I want to play FIGHTING game" itch.

So two days ago I rented this game on a whim... deciding to ignore the naysayers I'd heard saying it wasn't good. Now I'm gonna buy it... because it is simply the BEST damned fighting game I've EVER played.

From being able to see the dirt and sweat on a characters clothes to the ability to knock opponents off a cliff, the quality becomes immediately apparent.

But this games core is what makes it the absolute best.... its fighting system. The "Rock, Paper, scissors" mechanic allows for a truly deep fighting game where the quick thinking can adapt to whatever situation their opponent presents while at the same time punishing you if you become predictable.

The sexy girls are actually what kept me from considering this game sooner... as I'd assumed it was some kind of one dimensional fighter that tried to mask this fact behind scantily clad women in the hopes of taking cash from the sweaty palms of hopeful teenagers.

I've never been more happy to be wrong.

Tecmo/ Team Ninja.... so long as you never change the core recipe of what makes this game truly epic.... I'll be the first in line every time the next installment comes out!

Thank you!
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User Info: Zeroforce14

4 years ago#2
your welcome
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User Info: Letseiv

4 years ago#3
I agree with you.
IMO, this is the best fighting game of the last few years.

Street Fighter 4 is nice, but it lacks ''something''. Always the same moves, always the same combos. There is no real technique there.

Mortal Kombat is nice too, but it's just like SF 4.

Every other fighting game that I played after Guilty Gear XX was a big disappointment.
Guilty improved everything about the genre.
So, I was VERY surprised when I saw just how great DOA5 is.

To me, this one is the new definition of fighting game.

User Info: EmiliaTheSage

4 years ago#4
Welcome to the club.
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User Info: finalgetsuga7

4 years ago#5
plus the girls? mmm mmm mmm BONUS!

User Info: gokuKOG

4 years ago#6
I 100% agree with TC here. DOA5 and hopefully DOA5U will also be the best fighting game I have played since a few years. Tekken is the most stupid game I have played in my whole life. The proof of this is that there has been always boring tourneys and online experience of Law vs Law throughout the years. No wonder people use to call it

User Info: YoshioKST

4 years ago#7
Oh yeah, few other games keep you on your toes the way DoA5 does.
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User Info: majere613

4 years ago#8
I've been playing DOA since, well, DOA (when Tina was a brunette!) but the OP nicely sums up my own arc with Tekken and to a lesser extent, SF. I still love both of them, but these days they're far more about learning long combo strings, 1-frame links and wall bounces /slams than they are about anything vaguely resembling actual toe-to-toe fighting.

Ironically, the fact that DOA doesn't play like that is one reason some people try to use to claim it's not a 'proper' fighter. Go figure.

User Info: goldw

4 years ago#9
Well, while I don't consider the DoA franchise great or anything (DoA4 was the worst fighting game I played in years) I do like the series, and I do very much like DoA5.

Now, if those changes go through as they were, then DoA5U will suck, but hey, I have Skullgirls PC for my fighting game fix.
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User Info: V_G_Fan

4 years ago#10
I became interested in the DOA franchise when DOA2 Hardcore came out on PS2. Since I didn't want an XBOX, my DOA exposure and experience seemed to end there. Then years later, my cousin convinced me to get DOA5 and it ends up being an extremely fun game! I'd say it's my favorite fighting game franchise. The Rock, Paper, Scissors game mechanic is great! Also, anyone can make a comeback in a match because of the Holds (counters).
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  3. Dear Team Ninja/ Tecmo, Thanks for making a fighting game worth playing!

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