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User Info: moonlithunter

4 years ago#1
1. I'm a total noob
2. I'm trying to play ranked matches, but can only do so if someone challenges me through the "Throwdown" feature. Every time I try to find a match online, it takes forever and then when it does find someone, they quit.

I have my criteria set to any region and it also encompasses all ranks.... I'd rather play people more skilled than I, so I can improve my game,

Am I missing something?

Is there a time when more people can be found?

Thanks all!
The world is a dark place.....

User Info: Zeroforce14

4 years ago#2
add us
effort at zero, influence at on

User Info: finalgetsuga7

4 years ago#3
add me too psn finalgetsuga7 i suck but we can practice together

User Info: moonlithunter

4 years ago#4
Cool... I'll add you both.... assuming your PSN names match your gamefaqs names....
The world is a dark place.....

User Info: Daimeion

4 years ago#5
I don't play ranked, but I can help you improve.

Add me.
PSN: FateNightroad

User Info: bigblue80

4 years ago#6
Add me, have both DoA 5 on PS3 & Vita
PSN: BlueShadow17
Now the proud owner of a PS Vita with Gravity Rush, MGS HD, Dynasty Warriors Next and Mortal Kombat!!!

User Info: BombHex

4 years ago#7
PSN is on my signature.
PSN: DestructionBomb

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