How popular is this game still on PSN?

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  3. How popular is this game still on PSN?

User Info: Bobo_The_Whale

4 years ago#1
I had this for the 360 but it died really hard. Like after 3-4 months and people stopped playing. So my question is this: Do people still frequent this game?

If not much, then what fighting game is the most popular? Injustice? Marvel? Street fighter?
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User Info: ShadowKirby17

4 years ago#2
Tekken Tag 2, Marvel, and Street Fighter are all very active.

Never played Injustice but I'm sure it's active since it's new.
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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

4 years ago#3
In US: SSF4 and UMVC3 are still popular.
In Asia: TTT2 and Blazblue are very popular.
I'm still playing this game though.
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User Info: Daimeion

4 years ago#4
I still play online.
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  3. How popular is this game still on PSN?

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