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User Info: moonlithunter

4 years ago#1
Does anyone know if our save data from doa 5 will be transferred or have any kind of instant unlock effect?

Is Sonia from NG3 going to be a playable character? Thanks!
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User Info: tee316

4 years ago#2
Ever heard of google?

User Info: chrisblack24

4 years ago#3
Am I the only one that does NOT want Sonia to be part of the cast? I would much rather have Murai from NG1 be fitted more for the game. But alas my opinion...I do prefer no more NG characters though.
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User Info: spincr

4 years ago#4
Thats a nice idea. Murai is a legend, and should be implemented when possible (its a ninja after all), would be nice to couple him to Tengu (never disliked him:)).
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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

4 years ago#5
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