First fighting game. How do I get better?

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User Info: Da-Wei

4 years ago#1
So I've always wanted to get into fighting games but I never understand how they work. How should I learn combos? Should I spend a week mastering a certain combo or is that too long? I play with Hitomi by the way.
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User Info: redeadlink

4 years ago#2
i dunno. but you could help me out too. i just got this as well.

PSN: redeadlink. just shoot me a message whenever you want to play.
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User Info: Orpheus87

4 years ago#3
I've been playing this series since DOA2 Ultimate, so hopefully I can help you out. My first suggestion would be to go into training mode and learn all of Hitomi's moves that you can memorize. She's a striking character, so it's best to play her from an offensive angle.

However, she does have some good counters/holds, which can set up opponents for return hits or juggles for free hits. Then, I'd recommend going into arcade and playing against the AI starting from the easiest difficulty and then to the hardest. You'll unlock costumes this way, too.

Remember the triangle system: strikes beat throws, holds beat strikes and throws beat holds. Thus, if an opponent is blocking too much, throw them. Or if they are pulling out the same strings over and over, hold them! Counters are a tough thing to learn, but once you get used to them, you'll go from novice to better player.
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User Info: Miyamoto_Shiggy

4 years ago#4
Just play.

Eventually, you'll learn what to do, and what not to do.

My PSN is Oni_Ishida, if you ever want to do some sparring.
I main Mila (MMA for the win, thanks Team Ninja, at least you guys listen to the fans), but got some decent Zack skills, too.

User Info: Starwisp7193

4 years ago#5
You get better by losing, a lot, and trying the best you can to figure out what you are doing wrong. Then you fix it, get up, and lose again.
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User Info: urukhai2005

4 years ago#6
There is a quicker way to learn DoA5
You must get the Ultimate Version of the game, there is a tutorial mode in there.
Goto there in the forums you can find how the game works.

Learn frame advantage movess first.
Then hi, low crushes to counter jabs.
Practice your stuns combos and how to back dash fast for spacing.
Im a noob BTW so ive just started learnin, it works im getting wins.
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User Info: Jgphoenix

4 years ago#7
lol "fighting game"

User Info: RadecSnipesU

4 years ago#8
Jgphoenix posted...
lol "fighting game"

Troll Detected.
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