Why does no one use Eliot?

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User Info: lopol12

3 years ago#1
And why is he known as low tier? He's a cool character.
It's like no one even plays him.

User Info: SmokeRyu

3 years ago#2
No one likes pip
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User Info: Cleis27

3 years ago#3
the reason nobody uses Eliot and why he's classed as low tier is because most of his combos are easy to hold and almost everything he does is in a straight line. he has almost no tracking attacks, is really linear, and most of his attacks lose frame advantage when he gets blocked
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User Info: megaman12321

3 years ago#5
Alot of his attacks are mids which can be countered, plus he's kind of a wimp and looks like Justin Beiber
When you're weak, be stronger. It's as simple as that.

User Info: tee316

3 years ago#6
He is hard to play a mix up game with. Plus most of his stuff all starts with a mid punch, so a lot of people online will just spam mid punch counter against him.
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  3. Why does no one use Eliot?

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