Help with combo notation

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User Info: SmokeRyu

3 years ago#1
Hi all.

I'm pretty new to this game and I noticed that I can't figure out how to read the combos in the character move lists menu. I can't figure out why there are arrows built into the buttons but then there are regular arrows too.

I can get the combos in the combo tutorial but once I go into practice and try to mess around with the ones in the pause menu none of them work. Can anyone give me some tips on reading these? Like I said the combos on the tutorial seem to work just fine and its confusing me because they read differently than the ones in the menu.
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User Info: V_G_Fan

3 years ago#2
Arrows built in usually mean to hold down the button instead of just pressing the button. If you can do the tutorial without a problem, then you have an idea of what the arrows mean. Maybe you're just having problems with a specific move or two?
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