Theory on getting Rainbow Dragon

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User Info: cmellon

6 years ago#1
Rainbow dragon is random, but I do have a theory on how you can maximize your chance of getting one with the right hybrid dragon combination. Please note that I myself have not tried to breed one though (will save it for last).

Rainbow dragon is created when elements which are not supposed to mix get mixed by chance through a breeding of hybrids dragons.

First, we need to know that some elements are opposite to each other, and we can't breed them normally at the love cave. Below is the list of opposite elements

fire and cold
water and lightning
earth and air
plant and cold
plant and lightning (these elements are not opposite, but there's no known hybrids with these combos)

Everytime we try to breed (mix) two hybrid dragons, we have a chance to mix those opposite elements above, and rainbow dragon is created.

So let's take a popular example of hybrid dragon combinations which creates rainbow dragon that is found online: Seaweed and firefly. To analyze our chance of getting a rainbow dragon, we need to look at the elements that make up these two hybrid dragons:

Seaweed = Water and Plant
Firefly = Fire and Lightning

When we breed these two hybrids together, below is the possible combinations that we can get from the breeding of these 4 elements (mixing these 4 elements):

1. Water and Plant = Seaweed
2. Fire and Lightning = Firefly
3. Water and Fire = Air dragon
4. Water and lightning = Rainbow dragon
5. Plant and fire = Flower dragon
6. Plant and lightning = Rainbow dragon

Chance to get rainbow dragon = 2 out of 6 or 33.3%

If you have a hybrid pair that gives a better chance than 33.3%, then the pair is more likely to create a rainbow dragon. I have an idea in my mind for a better hybrids, I just haven't verified it yet whether the combo is really working. My idea is

Flower = Fire and Plant
Storm = Lightning and Cold

Mixing these 4 elements result in possibly:

1. Fire and Plant = Flower
2. Lightning and Cold = Storm
3. Fire and lightning = Firefly
4. Fire and cold = Rainbow
5. Plant and lightning = Rainbow
6. Plant and cold = Rainbow

My theory is that this pair gives you a chance of 3 out of 3 (50%) to get rainbow dragon, which is better than seaweed and firefly. Of course I can be wrong, feel free to try and let me know =)

User Info: Sol_BadGuy03

6 years ago#2
I must say that is an intriguing theory! But alas, I am but level 12. Gonna breed rainbow dragon last as well. I'll be sure to test it out and post results, thanks for sharing!
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User Info: cerwinZ

6 years ago#3
nice theory i'll test this out i got a friend in gamecenter who has 2 rainbow dragons no idea how he got em but i wont be surprise since he got 18k gems :)))

User Info: eddie1123

6 years ago#4
Fire and cold combination now gives you a blue fire dragon so if your theory is correct flower and storm is still 33.3% chance :)
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User Info: cmellon

6 years ago#6
@eddie1123, you are right. Fire and cold do not mix directly, that's why people usually
breed fire with a cold hybrid (such as Ice) to create blue fire. So yeah flower and storm is indeed also 33.3% chance. Let me think if there's a better hybrid.

User Info: cmellon

6 years ago#7
Ok how about Swamp / Seaweed and Storm

Swamp = Plant and Water
Storm = Lightning and Cold

Below is the possible combinations:

1. Plant and Water = Swamp
2. Lightning and Cold = Storm
3. Plant and Lightning = Rainbow
4. Plant and Cold = Rainbow
5. Water and Lightning = Rainbow
6. Water and Cold = Ice

Chance of rainbow is 3 out of 6 = 50% =)

User Info: cerwinZ

6 years ago#8
Even though the odds are that huge this might be a good theory but so far im not getting results i've been breeding Flower Dragon with The Ice+Lightning(I forgot the name) and odds are i kept getting either the ice+lightning or the flower but im still determined to keep trying who knows it might work

User Info: SqualILeonhart

6 years ago#9
I have a feeling that getting the rainbow dragon is like 1% chance or some low percentage from ALL dragon breeding attempts, rather than different chances from different dragon breeds.
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User Info: cmellon

6 years ago#10
@cerwinz, I think you mean you are breeding Flower (plant, fire) and Storm (cold, lightning). Per the post above, this hybrid combo is also 33.3% chance to produce rainbow dragon.

Try instead breeding Swamp / Seaweed and Storm.
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