New steel dragon

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User Info: splodesplode

5 years ago#1
Theres now a new steel dragon

Elements are metal+cold

Good luck breeding !
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User Info: Kryp2n8

5 years ago#2
Got 1 on 1st try using metal and cold. :)

User Info: squarp1

5 years ago#3
They also changed the selling prices for all the metal dragons and none of them make any sense

User Info: NZColleen

5 years ago#4

Yeh that's weird to change the selling price. I've been breeding Magnetic and Iron dragons to sell with 1 and a half mill selling price now they have gone down a bit and the mine dragon is worth more.

Anyway I have a 14 hr breeding time with Mine, Cold

Got a 10 hr breed time with Metal, Cold

User Info: Thesus13

5 years ago#5

I appreciate your posting this thread, since I noticed this before I noticed the dragon in game.  First try with metal cold for a 14h breed.

User Info: ChocolatTree

5 years ago#6

It actually took me a couple of days to get this one...but I got 2 at the same it's not so bad ;)

User Info: Game_guy49

5 years ago#7
I got it on my first try and messed up the order I used cold (10) and metal (10) I wouldn't recommend it because that could have been vary lucky but it probably works just like metal and cold!

Good luck!

User Info: Zimye

5 years ago#8
I am having a bit of trouble getting this silly steel dragon. I keep getting mine dragons but at least they sell for a nice amount. Just curious. Are you all doing Metal + Cold? If so, what level dragons are you using?
GC: Zimye22

User Info: Zimye

5 years ago#9
Any hints here? I am on my 5th unsuccessful try with metal + cold. Is this just bad luck or does anyone have any suggestions? Is anyone else having any trouble getting the steel dragon?
GC: Zimye22

User Info: _Ginji_

5 years ago#10
Metal and cold works but you could also try mine and cold or metal
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