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User Info: psych_student

5 years ago#1
My phone went off in the early hours today an in my half asleep state I'm reasonably certain it was a Dragon Vale notification mentioning something about a zombie something?

Was it my imagination?
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User Info: BostezoRIF

5 years ago#2
I hope not. Zombie dragons!

User Info: sumuthergamer

5 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure they don't send notifications for new dragons..

User Info: El_Giganto

5 years ago#4
Check notification center?
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User Info: ClayfaceLinkADB

5 years ago#5
The last notification I got from DRAGONVALE was 3 days ago.
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User Info: GoudenDraak

5 years ago#6
Maybe someone named Zombie wanted to be your friend.

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