Possible Solar Eclipse Dragon in November?

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User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

5 years ago#1
On November 13, 2012, there will be a total solar eclipse.

Like I said in the other topic, we currently have 3 moon type dragons (Moon, Blue Moon, Equinox) and 2 sun type dragons (Sun and Solstice)

toxicpie posted...

Well, Equinox is Sun and Moon elements. So it's like Moon, Blue Moon, Equinox and Sun, Solstice and Equinox. =)

True. Equinox does have 2 types so what I did was put them in pairs.

Sun - Moon
Solstice - Equinox
? - Blue Moon

Solstice and Equinox are both astronomical events that happen twice a year. Since Solstice is sun, this makes the Equinox a moon (in my opinion).

Obviously sun and moon are paired up. Day and Night.

This leaves the blue moon. Here's where Solar Eclipse Dragon comes in. My guess is the dragon will have both sun and moon types just like the equinox dragon. Depending where you live, the eclipse will happen in November 13-November 14, which makes the breeding time limited just like the blue moon dragon.

User Info: Air_Dragon_1

5 years ago#2
.........Um, the equinox and solstice are not related at all.

That was the summer solstice dragon--as in, the longest day of the year. They've hinted we'll get a winter solstice dragon, the shortest day of the year. Equinox is when Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun. So it'd maybe look more like this...

Blue Moon - Solar Eclipse (Lunar Eclipse would be a better pair though)
Summer Solstice - Equinox - Winter Solstice
Sun - Moon

Anyway, we may get an Eclipse dragon. That would be cool. They've certainly been spamming epic dragons enough.
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User Info: SuperSaiyanGoku

5 years ago#3
Solstice - Summer, Winter
Equinox - Spring, Autumn

User Info: Cix_el_Syd

5 years ago#4
Solstice and equinox are directly related. The solstices are the days with the longest day/most solar energy for each hemisphere, caused by earth being tilted either toward or away from sun. Equinoxes are caused when solar energy is equal in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres due to no tilt. It's the earth's midway point to the opposite Solstice.

User Info: __Darujhistan__

5 years ago#5
No more solo habitat dragons please.
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User Info: Cix_el_Syd

5 years ago#6
Unless an extra habitat is released with each new one, I agree.

User Info: HitTheGroundWal

5 years ago#7
I'm dying for a Solar Habitat, which allows both Sun and Moon, because I'm bothered by lack of perfect place for my Equinox...
It's supposed to be HitTheGroundWalking.
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