The Opal decoration is gross.

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  3. The Opal decoration is gross.

User Info: __Darujhistan__

4 years ago#1
It looks like a cluster of fly eggs or ticks or something.
A trench named Bingo Crepuscule? Why not Youppie Tralala?
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User Info: manaburn876

4 years ago#2
Agreed, did not like this months decoration, love the dragon though.
"That's not Selen. That's Ms Cleavage." Zyrax2301
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User Info: BostezoRIF

4 years ago#3
I loved both. The other monthly decorations looked too out of place I felt. Octobers, to me, looks like a cluster of mini rocks that can easily blend into the habitat.

User Info: GoudenDraak

4 years ago#4
I thought the same - I have lots in my Earth Habitat area since they look like piles of rocks. :)

The only decoration I didn't like was the ruby one - it just doesn't seem to look right anywhere! (I ended up hiding it behind a tree)
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  3. The Opal decoration is gross.

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