What's the best way to get the best gear?

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User Info: Mr_Grave

4 years ago#1
So is it from doing online matches? Online co-op? Single player?

User Info: Falloutgenuis

4 years ago#2
Campaign, spinner, and happy cards.

User Info: XBLAwazza

4 years ago#3
Singe player gives you a good warrior sword in the end. Along with Marshals Hood for a Mage.

Online matches give you scraps used for material and sometimes buffs.

Happy Spinner is the only way out of the things you have mentioned to get Premium Items.

I'm not sure about Co-op.

User Info: ih0tfirei

4 years ago#4
By creating your own gear. You start grinding chapter 3 mission 3 in campaign on hard mode to get 1600 happy stars a min. When u feel you have enough spend it on the happy spinner till you get a armor that is really good or get bad armor with good buffs. Upgrade and item mod said armor.
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User Info: Master_Radori

4 years ago#5
Pretty much what these guys said.

If you have money to blow in real life, you can always buy Happy Tickets. You'll have the best gear in no time. Lol.
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  3. What's the best way to get the best gear?

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