unlocking things

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User Info: ares4204u

5 years ago#1
how do you?
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User Info: ronzero

5 years ago#2
I would like to know the answers as well. I'm pretty sure all the weapons are unlocked through level progression and I just read that you get a costume after getting the medal where you throw a bomber into another enemy (actually, it may be earned after getting every medal)
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User Info: ronzero

5 years ago#3
I just unlocked the costume "Classic" simply by throwing a bomber/grenadier into another enemy.
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User Info: thoughtfulmoron

5 years ago#4
On the screen in-game that shows all the medals, quite a few of them have a silhouette of a person's head. I've only owned the game since yesterday, but I'm fairly certain that those unlock the characters/skins.

User Info: tactikz4

5 years ago#5
go and read the medals in the menu some has character design near, if u complete that u unlock the character.
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User Info: superbuu3

5 years ago#6
I posted all the character unlocks in the cheat section, I've got 100% on the game and that doesn't unlock evil so it looks like only the code works for him, he's completely useless though.
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