how to unlock inaheme and guo ci??

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  3. how to unlock inaheme and guo ci??

User Info: XPAINX350

5 years ago#1
dont know how to unlock battle of fencheng to get guo ci who i need to unlock the stage for inaheme

any help
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User Info: Billy Trance

Billy Trance
5 years ago#2
You unlock guo ci with ryu hayabusa.

User Info: Kia123Amini

5 years ago#3
who is guo ci
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User Info: kikyo_hater

5 years ago#4
I think that you mean Guo Jia. He is unlocked by completing the Battle of Fan Castle Redux, which is unlocked by completing the battle of Luo Yang, I think. If you don't have that stage unlocked, then It should be unlocked upon the completion of chapter 3. But to get the stage to show up, you just need to initiate a conversation with Sima Yi and I think Cao Pi. Once you unlock Guo Jia, talk to him and Xingcai to unlock the Rescue at Yiling stage. Upon completing the stage, you unlock Ina.
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  3. how to unlock inaheme and guo ci??

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