Triple attack gauge

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User Info: ruuko1986

5 years ago#1
Just wonder, except wang yuan ji...still got which general can fill triple attack gauge faster ?
Think bao san niang also quite fast...

User Info: gdtarrant

5 years ago#2
Depends on whether you mean by weapons or by an ability. For example, Nemea raises it for every 100 kills you get (only needs to be in your party, doesn't need to be doing the killing) and any character will raise it much faster with the Confluence ability on their weapon.

But base, yeah really any character whose weapon racks up the combo gauge fast (hitting multiple enemies with a single attack) will raise it quickly. Also, horseback can help depending on the char.
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User Info: ruuko1986

5 years ago#3
ok, understand..thanks
now i test it with every general...

User Info: Alsark

5 years ago#4
Zhu Rong is really good for filling up the triple attack guage!

... AAANNNDDDD.... that's about all she's good for.

User Info: DaSneakyOne

5 years ago#5
Zhang He C2 fills it fast, if you do the drill claw (triangle) at the end of it.
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User Info: Sharius

5 years ago#6
after try almost every character i find out that the black hole musou of Guo Jia is the best way to fill the triple gauge, it can fill this gauge from empty to full almost instant
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User Info: Xun Yu

Xun Yu
5 years ago#7
Kanbei's musou fills it up pretty fast as well, especially if you have all four orbs out/or verity(which autotriggers 4 orbs) when you do it.

User Info: Blossercubbles

5 years ago#8
And Oichi, musou especially.
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User Info: kikyo_hater

5 years ago#9
Ina's R1 specail works wonders in a crowd for the Triple Gauge.
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User Info: pup daddy

pup daddy
5 years ago#10
Susano C4, with confluence
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