Photo Game Face still junk

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User Info: rarndt01

5 years ago#1

I tried for the 4th time last night to setup a photo gameface. The picture once again was finished, looking like a light red face with scabby eyes. Something is definitely wrong with EA servers or the color they use in the game is way to bright for a normal picture. It really irks me because I purchased the collectors edition and I want my golfer to really look like me.I have had TW games since 09 and never have I had this problem, even with my old Xbox 360 vision camera setup

User Info: alaindc

5 years ago#2
EA know about the issue, on the 360 version.
As some of you have already seen and posted about we have discovered an issue when using the Photo Face feature on the XBOX 360. The times can be extremely long when using both the front and a side photo and the quality of the results are not up to the normal standard. We are currently working on a patch for the XBOX for a number of issues and a fix for Photo Face will be included. For the time being our best recommendation is to only use a front photo and to do your best to make sure your picture is not super bright. We apologize for any frustration that this process has caused you guys and gals and we hope to have the patch out as soon as it's ready.

User Info: sinjinsolves

5 years ago#3
I'm annoyed you can't use the Kinect camera for game face. I got rid of my vision cameral over a year ago when I got Kinect - not realizing I can never use game face or ever take a new profile pic.
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