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User Info: jad2314

5 years ago#1
From what I know so far, there are about 15 treasure maps. I currently have 11 of them.

1. The Vile Map - Holy Ring (Dead King Room)
2. Worn Treasure Map - Big Prize wheel (At the beginning where you rebirth)
3. Key Treasure Map - Medium/Large Key (Top most tower)
4. Victors Spoils Map - 25 Attack Gem (Battle arena)
5. Wet Loot Map - The Herring (Under the bridge before the Saidi)
6. Old Treasure Map - Large Key (Looking at the castle from outside)
7. The Faceplate Map - Crustak (The Knight slaying the dragon statue room)
8. Scholars Map - Glimmer (Clock room)
9. Light Forge Map - ???
10. Crown Map - The Vile Helm (Stone Demon boss room)
11. Dusty Treasure Map - Warth (Statue where you find the vile sword & shield)

User Info: wenyong88

5 years ago#2
Do you remember how to get your Faceplate Map, Scholars Map and Light Forge Map? and on approx. which rebirth?

User Info: jad2314

5 years ago#3
I'm currently on rebirth 97 so I probably got them within the last 10 rebirths. I believe I got 2 of those from the prize wheels and the other from a Titan.

User Info: wenyong88

5 years ago#4
Great thanks, do you use regular or big price wheel for them?

User Info: jad2314

5 years ago#5
I used all 3.

User Info: jad2314

5 years ago#6
9. Light Forge Map - Rare Prize Wheel (Boss room with the giant stone)

User Info: spankymcfister

5 years ago#7
Whats the ******* secret to getting the **** that is IN the maps?
"X" may indeed mark the spot but try to touch those areas and you dont get ****!
Its god damn pointless.
I have the Vile SWORD & SHIELD, the tree in the arena is fully ******* grown, and I cant climb it.
This update is CRAP.
Your flaming people who believe in creationism. We're not inferior or dumber than you because we reject James Darwin. - - MurcielagoMC

User Info: tazmen

5 years ago#8
Spankymcfister, I have found that you will only find the scroll items one time. As far as the tree goes, you have to play through around 4-5 times before tree grows big enough to crawl up - at least that was what happened for me. You will know when the times comes once the blue halo appears that you can click on as one of two route options in the arena. Be ready for something big up there if you go, but worth it (armor) if you are successful. Also, the Mask/Helm can be found in the room with the big demon creature who squashes the guy once you cross over the bridge - the area after the arena and one of the choices instead of going up the tree. Once you enter and walk down the stairs, look towards the end of the bridge as there is a set of stairs leading up to the altar, above all of that is a picture (before the stairs - the picture is embedded on the cave rocks, just like in the scroll, click on it where it shows and you will find the helm. Hope this helps.

User Info: jad2314

5 years ago#9
Does anyone know what the other 4 scrolls are?

User Info: H3assasin

5 years ago#10
Is it required to have the map before I can get the items or can I just tap everywhere in the rooms you specified?
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