Supply Shed

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User Info: Schmeman

5 years ago#1
Can anybody tell me where the supply shed is? I want to store some lumber and it won't let me put it in storage, the menu says "supply shed" but I have no clue where that is.

User Info: Masamage

5 years ago#2
You're going to have to wait to store that. The Supply Shed doesn't become unlockable until Construction is enabled on the ~25th, and even then, you're going to need to buy the blueprint from Rebecca's shop and have enough supplies. Also known as start hording now.
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User Info: Schmeman

5 years ago#3
Oh, thank you so much. I didn't even think about needing to build it, seems like such an essential thing. Oh well, off to Rebecca's shop.

User Info: wwfgurl

5 years ago#4
It's funny, I came to the site about an hour ago because of the same question. To Natsume's credit, the manual does explain that you can build a shed after Rebecca arrives.

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