Fish trap tips

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User Info: RaijinmaruKC_MM

5 years ago#1
If this topic been created before, my sincere apologies. But alot of players are requesting for bottles for what I assume to be used for the makers, but I as well as everyone else feel that they are wasting hours in the day waiting for bottles to get trapped.

But the Fish trap can work just like the method in getting the specific jewels, ores and or material rocks in the mines.

When you place the fish trap in the water, save your progress and normally wait for it to shake. At the time it starts to shake, record the time and load the game over. When the game loads, the time when the fish trap will begin to shake at that time only and will never change.

Save it a minute before the set time and it will go much quicker than when you have to normally wait for it to shake.

What not to do is to save it while its shaking, once it does that then your going to get what its caught and that's final. Granted, your going to be there for hours, but you'll make the most your time without feeling the need to wait the extra minutes and having to settle on boots and fishbones.

ex: 5:30pm - fish trap placed in water
5:51pm - fish trap begins shaking
5:30pm - reloaded game
5:50pm - saved progress a minute before the trap shakes for quick and better results of getting what I want.
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User Info: Murasaki

5 years ago#2
I set them in all 3 spots and save before the first one starts shaking. But my intent is to avoid breaking traps (though they're cheap to make) so sometimes I save even after the trap is shaking. Reloading a broken trap usually keeps it intact.

For specific items, I may set the bottom 2 traps and do what you suggest.
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User Info: arcaneja

5 years ago#3
I generally just save after I have all 3 traps in the water, and am back at the 1st spot. Then if I don't get enough good items during my session, I just reload and do those hours again.

ETA: After Kosaburo comes, Fish Traps are really cheap, since you can buy them outright and don't have to make them any more.
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User Info: GuerillaGorilla

5 years ago#4
Fyi, it takes 30 seconds for it to shake.
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User Info: Sirian_Hawk

5 years ago#5
Yeah, I just place all 3 and then go back to the first and save. I then wait and collect what it gives. If I like it I immediately save and run to the next one, which will start to shake as I get there. If I get what I like I save and move on to the third. If I don't I just reload and run back over.

FYI, it takes exactly 30 minutes to catch something, and if you save while it is shaking the item will remain the same no matter how much you reload (though the breaking is still random). As long as you save before it begins to shake, the item will be changeable with reloads.
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