Worst Bachelor/ette?

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User Info: hmgal

4 years ago#1
Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are about whose the worst for male and female marriage candidates.

No bashing other people for their preferences or stuff like that.

For me, I did NOT like Allen and I don't like Michelle that much... But if I could restart my game (which I will) I'd marry Amir instead of Soseki since he doesn't even tell me he loves me D:

Anyway, whose your least favorite bachelor and bachelorette? Remember, no hating on other posts just your opinion :D
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User Info: DoomedIdiot

4 years ago#2
As a male, Allen and Neil seem kind of like buttheads...

Neil especially...
>walks into my farm
>i say hi
>gtfo of my face

Allen is less of a butthead, but I can do without the constant criticism about my appearance.

Rod and Tina seem kind of... bland...
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User Info: tofanpw

4 years ago#3
Most of them are bland
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User Info: Serras

4 years ago#4
Neil, by far. He wouldn't be so annoying if the game didn't force you to put up with him for animal-related things. Or if he didn't have those unnecessary shop cutscenes. Or if his attitude was a little better.

Michelle is the worst bachelorette for me. Something about her really freaks me out. Tina also scares me a bit...
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User Info: sharly86

4 years ago#5
Serras posted...
Neil, Or if he didn't have those unnecessary shop cutscenes.

That made me hate it so hard... which is funny, because according to my fooliage festival he is the one I get around the most, must be the animals and because he has been around like forever, Rod rides along the same train, but since I learned to avoid Neil cutscene before he arrived, I havent had chance to hate him enough
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