The map is rotting?

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User Info: X666akatsuki

4 years ago#1
Is it just me or is there a part on the Bowels map that is literally rotting away? It's a patch of ground that seems to act like it is sticky and if you aren't fast enough it just eats you and you get stuck in the ground until someone comes along with either the CRC or the CSC to kill you and get you out.

I noticed this a few days ago when an Infiltrator was having a squabble with me at base C in Conquest in Bowels and the second he transformed his vehicle acted strange then got swallowed up into the floor. I could see him through the grating and he did not look happy. I could have just left him there but I spared him and used the CRC on him since the Riot Cannon wasn't working at all on him. Then today when I was trying out the NCR with my Infiltrator in TDM I drove over the same patch of ground, it slowed me down and the rear end of my vehicle began to sink. I just managed to escape by jumping and transforming, and the same thing happened a few times in that match, yet it had no affect when walking over it in robot mode.

I'm not sure if the problem affects anyone else or any other classes since so far it has only acted as an infiltrator trap.

If people don't know the area I'm talking about then feel free to catch me next time I'm online and I'll show you where it is exactly.

User Info: YUGGLE123

4 years ago#2
Hmmmm, interesting, I'll have to check it out
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User Info: Psycho_Koala

4 years ago#3
You are 100% right. I have that problem all the time when i drove over that spot for weeks/months i hated it. Its not just me going through that.
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User Info: Daniel_R_C

4 years ago#4
It's a map trap! Like the ones in GOW ascension!
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User Info: E5Double0

4 years ago#5
Yeah what you are talking about is a map bug. It only affects the wheeled vehicle mode of the infiltrators and destroyers while boosting over that patch of ground. However, you can hover over it just fine as a hover-car/truck without getting stuck. That would also explain why titans and scientists aren't affected by this map glitch since they don't have wheels.

User Info: X666akatsuki

4 years ago#6
I'll have to see if there are other patches like this lying around, then get my red tape out and mark them as danger spots.

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