OP weapons?

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User Info: numpteez

4 years ago#1
Just wondered what you guys think are the most OP (or unfair) weapons in the game (in multiplayer).
Mine are:
Chaos rift- killed my titan in one shot even when I was whirlwinding with full 500 health
Gear shredder- not too OP I guess but it kills people too quickly imo.
scatter blaster w/ fireblast- again not too OP but it seems to stop me changing weapons when I'm on fire and I can't use some abilities like cloaking??
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4 years ago#2
I can kill your titan with one shot from the CRC, but it has to be a head shot at reasonably close range. That is not an easy thing to do, so I don't regard it as overpowered, given the practice that is required to use it. A fully charged shot from the GS is ridiculously overpowered (350 hit points) so I agree on that one. Fireblast is no different to any other weapon in that while you are taking damage, you can't change weapons or use some abilities, because fireblast continues to damage you after the shot is fired, you get the effect you mention.

User Info: Toho2

4 years ago#3
Gears. Fireblast is kinda cheap and CRC isn't OP.
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User Info: ClunkerSlim

4 years ago#4
Think about it, should scientist even have a sentry?
How is that scientific? or medical? That's an offensive weapon.
What the Scientist SHOULD have had was some kind of ammo recharger.

User Info: numpteez

4 years ago#5
Thanks guys I agree with your opinions, perhaps the CRC isn't too OP I just was a bit taken aback when I was whirlwinding (I know the titan takes roughly 50% less damage with this ability), then I hit this destroyer and he was just about to die when he self destructed and killed me with 1 shot lol. As for the gear shredder...that is OP because you don't even have time to react if an enemy sees you and you see them with a charged GS at close range, you've got no chance with the infiltrator or scientist as it kills you immediately- each shredder disc has 150 damage, so the titan can survive and the destroyer but with low health. I also think the GS can be impossibly hard to dodge at times as well.
"Some repairs sure would be nice!"
PSN: numpteez

User Info: Jkg1610

4 years ago#6
it has to be the a4 pulsar cannon. that weapon is the grim reaper if you know how to use it. the radius is so big you can camp with it and it takes one direct hit and a barely hit to kill a scout and scientist. as a titan it is practically unavoidable. it also is a one hit headshot kill. crazy!
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User Info: Psycho_Koala

4 years ago#7
Ncr cuz you can do more damage in two charged shots what most have to waste a whole clip for when enemy is using recharger or being healed. Can kill infs n scientists with two shots from a safe distance without getting shot or meleed. U can turn the tide of ANY skirmish with the right sniper by shooting the guy whose causing your team the most damage like whena titan is spamming whirlwind and ur teamates emptied 2 clips into him but hes still going. I pick at him with deadly accuracy and next shot/melee. Kill anyone and run before teammates show up. With a well rounded sniper no enemy is safe.
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User Info: Terrapon

4 years ago#8
CSC + Whirlwind.

User Info: E5Double0

4 years ago#9
I don't really think any of those weapons/upgrades are that OPed. They do tend to have certain unfair advantages when paired up with certain things or under certain situations. Combined with abilities like barrier with ensnare, the battle sentry with power core, or the emp grenade, these things can seem overpowered. Also note that these are close quarters combat weapons, which tend to do heavy damage but tend to suffer from poor accuracy, range, rate of fire, and/or ammo clip size.

The CRC does a lot of damage if you manage to hit someone with the initial explosion followed by a cluster bomblet. It's enough to be an instant kill on the lighter classes and an instant kill on any class if you manage to get the headshot. Most of the time these types of kills are lucky kills. Any bozo can spam the CRC like there is no tomorrow, but to actually have some method to the madness and make good tactical use of this weapon is rare. Also out in the open this weapon can be very tricky to use effectively and most noobs just end up getting themselves killed by your average player.

The Gear Shredder suffers from the same condition as the CRC. This weapon was OPed back in the day. You could see all three blades curving at you from a mile away. I don't think this weapon is nearly as bad now after the nerf. It's a good CQC weapon that makes use of the environment to wreak havoc on your enemies. Like the CRC people get lucky kills when going around corners fully-charged in close quarters but most people suck with the GS out in the open. I'm more threatened by a Scientist who is accurate with the NAR or PBR, or even the Orbital Pistol, than I am by a GS spammer. As long as I'm facing the GS user I can easily avoid most of their shots.

Fireblast was buffed a couple of times. I thought it was perfect after the first buff, the second one kind of made this upgrade a bit cheap. It's suppose to give you the advantage of damage-over-time and an artificial increase in range. But the fire damage seems to kill a little too fast and you don't have to be that accurate with your shots. I rarely use this anymore and prefer the large magazine over it. However, I still have some respect for the fireblaster because it's a great way to deal with your typical cowardly run-away scientist. Nothing like watching them burn right out of the sky.

User Info: ClunkerSlim

4 years ago#10
Damn it!
Why doesn't the scientist have the ammo recharger like in escalation?
That's going to drive me crazy from now on. I wish I hadn't thought of that.

I don't think the sniper rifle or the grenade launcher is overpowered because it takes such skill to use them. I can't hit crap with that damn sniper rifle, at least not enough to make it worth using. And maybe like 1% of the players can effectively use the grenade launcher. It's deadly, but rare to see it in expert hands. I hate the damn thing myself. Its probably the WORST weapon in escalation.

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