Is this game still happening?

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  3. Is this game still happening?

User Info: ClunkerSlim

4 years ago#11
I can only do about 2 matches alone before I go stir crazy and have to see what everyone else is doing.

User Info: Terrapon

4 years ago#12
on average 20 TDMs. That's an increase.

User Info: Jkg1610

4 years ago#13
Escalation on wfc is more active than the one on here. Also head hunter is next to the mortician. It sucks because thats my favorite game mode.
psn Jkg1610

User Info: Bet-on-red007

4 years ago#14
Damn right this game is still happening

User Info: sephiroth068

4 years ago#15
Its also hip!

Its hip and happening! That's for sure.
Chapter 7, that's all you need to say to a Valkyria fan, they'll know what you mean-Celestial Damnation (see quote)

User Info: zachandrew22

4 years ago#16
Good to have you back RED and a lot of the old crowd are still goin strong. Cant wait to have a match against yea man just like old times. Hope your ready to brawl
the brawler from conquest
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  3. Is this game still happening?

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