Hover Ability is bestish Ability.

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User Info: IrontheHedgehog

4 years ago#1
I gain a lot of advantage with the Hover than Barrier, It helps me Rack up kills quickly or going into Enemy lines or jumping over enemies (if you know The Truck hover jump) Just.. man hover is a real good Ability. Seriously in the Sniper spot in Corrosion you can easily jump Infront than alerting the enemy from behind and catch them off gaurd!
PSN: IrontheHedgehog
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User Info: sephiroth068

4 years ago#2
its a very fun ability to use thats for sure...i once Hover Slammed a jet in midair and killed him too...it was awesome
Chapter 7, that's all you need to say to a Valkyria fan, they'll know what you mean-Celestial Damnation (see quote)

User Info: YUGGLE123

4 years ago#3
^^ oh yes, I know the hover truck jump, use it all the time . it works best with soundwaves and snarls chest I think. I have been using it for ages.

And I agree, I use hover a lot more than barrie, for a long while, up until recently, all my classes were hoverers. My favourite tactic is on abandoned, it hurts me a bit, but I can pick up a lot of kills, and I don't really care if I go done doing it XD it's when the enemy is capturing B, and there is about 3 or 4 people there, I walk round to the edge ( which is above them anyway) then hover up for extra height, then i fire one rift combustir while I hover, then another on the way down, ( this Is why I get hurt, slamming into my own clusters) they are guy with cluster bombs and then a final slam, I once picked up 5 kills with a single hover slam ( thanks to the rift combustors before) priceless.
Yuggle- 17 Badprime - 6. Ass whooping Mr. Big Mouth at its finest.

User Info: GEARS1984

4 years ago#4
Hover truck jump?

User Info: Psycho_Koala

4 years ago#5
GEARS1984 posted...
Hover truck jump?

Jump in truckmode transform and hover at peak of jump
PSN: Psychokoala. "The Glitcher Bounty Hunter."

User Info: ClunkerSlim

4 years ago#6
It's how you glitch as a destroyer in Convoy.
So, what HAVE all of you been using it for? Hmm......

User Info: Terrapon

4 years ago#7
Hover also has the ability add on that lets you use it again and again. I use the hover to vehicle form that makes it looks like your gliding.

User Info: YUGGLE123

4 years ago#8
No koala, you don't do that

You be in robot form, you hover, before you stop and become stationery and hover, you transform into a vehicle, this sends you flying into the air. If anyone wants me to teach them in a private match, I'll be happy to, I have already showed about 4 or 5 people.
Yuggle- 17 Badprime - 6. Ass whooping Mr. Big Mouth at its finest.

User Info: E5Double0

4 years ago#9
Definitely an under-rated ability. I just wish the ground-pound would have gotten a damage and radius buff during one of the updates. Also the cool-down is way too long for what the ability gives you in return.

It's still fun to use and getting ground-pound kills can be very satisfying. Just the simple fact that you can easily get to high ground, where Destroyer weapons have the advantage, makes this ability worth the try. I see it more as an extra movement ability that gives Destroyers special vertical mobility. Very useful on the bigger maps with high vantage points.
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  3. Hover Ability is bestish Ability.

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