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User Info: IrontheHedgehog

4 years ago#1
There are somethings I like about Both games I wonder which is technically better.

Transforming and driving is nice and fast
Destroyer has a SMG for quick fire
Killstreak Bonuses
Dropped weapons letting you be a Scout with a Fusion Cannon
Color wheel for customizing
Co-op Campaign

Escalation Ammo and Health pickup delay
Cloak Recharge being a bit too slow
All players death losing Escalation
DLC Maps that you get kicked out of not a big deal if you have Dlc
But should say DLC by the map name.

FoC -

BIG character customization
Big open area maps
Dinobots and Insecticons
Preset Abilities in Escalation
Shoot throughable Barrier
G1 Optimus
Easy medic ability

Host Migrations oftenly
Lack of Good Colors
Enemy AI not transforming
No dropped weapons
No female transformer customization (Arcee, Slipstream, etc)
Some broken abilities
No co-op Campaign
No Sludge Customization
G2 bruticus skin for one level only.
Bullsh*t 1hit deaths with FULL Health
PSN: IrontheHedgehog
FoC CTF Destroyer Class: "Til' all are one.." Optimus Prime

User Info: Polo5lash18

4 years ago#2
Biased much?
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User Info: sephiroth068

4 years ago#3
There is actually one enemy in the FOC campaign that transforms which are the flyers...they transform when they are going to do their EMP attack thing but they are the exception

Honestly though as much as it sucks that the enemies don't transform much, making them lose that transformers feel, it's for the best because the AI in WFC liked to abuse that due to the invincibility it gave them, especially in Escalation (to which I agree with polo and also say "Biased much?" since that would be a con for WFC as well)
Chapter 7, that's all you need to say to a Valkyria fan, they'll know what you mean-Celestial Damnation (see quote)

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