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User Info: Julian8091

3 years ago#1
I thought some people could sign up as "teachers" for others. They could help with some Basic mistakes that others make. People that helped me improve: numpteez, Jedisaber, PRAY, PROd, MegaFrieden, DaxxDawCOTF9. I sign up for teaching Titans mainly, maybe as destroyer or scientist to. I need practice with Titan, Destroyer, Scientist and Infiltrator... Oh that's all classes... Also: Who has Rotf?
Elite Overlord Commander; Part of the EO Ghost Hunters

User Info: Mdutcher1

3 years ago#2
I'll take some titan lessons. I thought I was a lot better than I was until I ran into the buzzsaw that is Numpteez. Very humbling.

User Info: PYFL17

3 years ago#3
I can teach people the scout ^_^ That's my best class and the only class I can hold my best in. If anyone needs scout training, i'm your guy.
"Time changes, new faces. Old best friends, New strangers."

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