New TF Game?

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User Info: Sandybabe71PS3

3 years ago#1
Okay, so my friend Metrolock and I we're talking the other day and he said that Highmoon was gonna make another Transformers, based on either Rise of the Dark Spark or Fall of Cybertron. Do any of you know if there's gonna be a new game?
PSN: sandybabe71
"To think I was almost a Prime, but somehow I'm still a Rookie." ~Smokescreen

User Info: epic_troller

3 years ago#2
GTA 6.
Lallana, Lambert and Lovren.
Can, Origi and Markovic. Who else I wonder...?

User Info: _xOvERLoRDx_

3 years ago#3
epic_troller posted...
GTA 6.

Thats Rockstar not Highmoon :#

User Info: ClunkerSlim

3 years ago#4
No one knows anything.
HMS said there would be a game announcement in the Fall.
They never said anything about a Transformers game.

It's also HIGHLY UNLIKELY they would make a follow up to Rise of the Dumb Spark since they didn't even make that game.

User Info: SlipsteamE3

3 years ago#5
Idk man. But if they do make a new one I'd need to be cereally impressed to get it..

RotDS was just, ugh. I'm having trouble selling it too; and GameStop will only give me store credit for it at $20 worth which is just wayy to little. #FirstWorldProblems =_=

Edit: Sorry I read your Q a little too fast.
If HMS returns that would be a different story
I think there could be a slight chance of their return, since there will be more TF movies in the future and I don't think RotDS did too well(or did it? Not sure..). It'd also be interesting to see another company take the reins. RockStar? Ubisoft? Hmm.

User Info: CC-Wackdaddy

3 years ago#6
I agree nobody knows for sure.
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User Info: Sandybabe71PS3

3 years ago#7
Okay wow I'm surprised I though a lot of people loved the Transformers games, now I know it's mostly me. (Sorry if I'm wrong) but okay, it was jut his guess so thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it :)
PSN: sandybabe71
"To think I was almost a Prime, but somehow I'm still a Rookie." ~Smokescreen

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