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User Info: Sandybabe71PS3

3 years ago#1
If you could add any Transformer that you'd want to play as, who would it be?

Mine is Smokescreen :P
PSN: sandybabe71
"To think I was almost a Prime, but somehow I'm still a Rookie." ~Smokescreen

User Info: Tarqvinivs

3 years ago#2
Scorponok. One of my favorite characters. That would have been an awesome Titan chassis.
PSN: Tarquinius
Lightning Strike Coalition, IACTA ALEA EST!

User Info: kaistone84

3 years ago#3
I would add the last dinobot and rodimus prime and maybe the fembots from WFC
Beat me if you can. Survive if I let you. Because EL is Life EL is Love
EL 43V3R

User Info: -LordStarscream

3 years ago#4
I would add Galvatron, Motormaster, Predacons, Sunstreaker,Prowl, Bluestreak , and Cyclonus.
Pathetic fools!!! There's no escape!!

User Info: Spiritsaiyan101

3 years ago#5
WFC Megatron.

AoE variants for existing characters.
"I am the Harbinger of Destruction! The Alpha and the Omega! I will not Denied!"
PSN: Spiritsaiyan101

User Info: epic_troller

3 years ago#6
That guy who has a Spanish accent in the autobots in TF 4. That blue guy.
Nobody cared who I was, until I put on the mask...

User Info: QGVon

3 years ago#7
Springer (unused)
Prowl (unused)
Hot Rod (unused)

User Info: Couch_potato21

3 years ago#8
Bay universe jazz <3
PSN: Couch_potato21
What do you think this is, a game?!?!

User Info: WcW_Alpha

3 years ago#9
The one that transforms into a unicorn
Alpha Male, Alpha Dog, 4LPH4 3v3RTh1n6!
LSC 43V3R!

User Info: Daneki85

3 years ago#10

You would tap transform once to go to Tank, and double tap transform to be a jet. And I would never play another game again.
NewPSN: LSC_Daneki of the Lightning Strike Coalition
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