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User Info: Progundam

5 years ago#1
Just finished getting all unit and played them...The only thing that pissed me off so badly is:

00Quanta: Can't use Sword Bit. Is that Sword bit on his shield is for show only?..

Reborn Gundam: Yes, another gundam that can't use Fang. And Fang is for show again too.

StrikeFreedom: Seriously? You can't use it Dragoon System? It wing is for show yet again.

Infinite Justice: Wow...You can't use it jet pack and bang enemy? it's for show!

I like this game, it's quite creative that you can change parts. Was hoping to use them for epic-ness. But seriously you can't even use some of their weapon? That's very very lazy...and cheap for them to use that to make me bought this game..

User Info: Zexiel

5 years ago#2
That's rather disappointing, but also to be expected due to control limitations. It'll probably be difficult to fit attacks in when there are only three buttons for attacking. It might also be out of favoritism towards the AGE-FX since it's meant to be the strongest Gundam in the AG timeline.

Out of curiosity though, how do the high-end suits like 00 Qan[T], Reborns and Strike Freedom compare to the AGE-FX?

User Info: Progundam

5 years ago#3
They're quite good in term of "Stats" and i mean all of them is level.1.Weapon wise AGE-FX is better since it can use C-Funnel with pressing of "O' button. Reborn and 00Quanta doesn't have any weapon on "O" button.

User Info: Sid_Icarus

5 years ago#4
Did you hit the O button?
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User Info: fuzzylittlbunny

5 years ago#5
Wait the Strike Freedom can't use its Dragoons? I'm sad :(

At least tell me 00 can go Trans-Am in one way or another...
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User Info: Zexiel

5 years ago#6
Trans-Am is a special attack for 00 Raiser and Exia. The same should apply for the other 00 suits as well.

User Info: Seraph_Dylan

5 years ago#7
Well, so far the Universe Accel exclusives have been good to me. The Zeta has the Mega Beam Launcher as an exclusive special attack, and has very nice stats. I'm hoping with the Nu Gundam that the funnels aren't just for show. If they are Amuro lied.

I don't understand why so many people are on the cosmic drive board O-o Are really that many more people playing this version over the other one? The only ones I'd look forward to in this one are the 00 suits, and Destiny. I was disappointed none of the games had Wing, G, or X. Seed is one of the universes where... I am not particularly fond of the MS so that kinda killed the hype for this version for me xD;

User Info: ingram11

5 years ago#8
dam that was quick! BTW did u unlock gundam legilis? In fact is it even possible?0.o

User Info: Zexiel

5 years ago#9
I'm going to have to take back what I said about Trans-Am. I just built the Exia and could not find the Trans-Am attack in the list of special weapons! I even reverted to its default weapon configuration to check, but nope still no Trans-Am. The boss Exia can use it however... talk about unfair.

Also I'm a massive fan of UC, but Universe Accel's exclusive list was honestly horrible compared to Cosmic Drive. CD gets quite a few Gundam units, while UA gets a disproportionate amount of (comparatively) weak 0079-era Zeon units. It's true that there's only so many Gundams in UC, but they could have at least given us the better units like Qubeley, The O, Hyaku Shiki and Sinanju. I will eventually play UA just for getting Zeta, Nu and Unicorn though =\

User Info: Seraph_Dylan

5 years ago#10
You do have a point on that xD; I just happen to be a fan of those suits. The Dom and Gyan are my favorites in terms of mobile suits. I just happen to prefer a lot of the Zeonic OYW suits. Also in terms of weapons I thought that Universe Accel would have better ones. Mainly the original Gundam's beam rifle (I was disappointed by how weak it was though >.< The Zeta isn't bad at 300 but I already have rifle types that are at 375 or so.) Beam Magnum will hopefully be a bit better.

Ah well, going to have to replay through Cosmic Drive at some point x_X. MIght use CWCheats or something to skip through the story of that one so I can have a headstart on the extra mode.

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