if you coul change what levels were in the game, how would it look like?

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  3. if you coul change what levels were in the game, how would it look like?

User Info: guedesbrawl

5 years ago#1
obvious spoilers aside.i like this game, but i think they didn't choose the levels very well

1-too many early game levels,only sky sanctuary is a late game level (in order, considering only sonic's path and no boss-only levels,:1/6,2/10,5/6 or 11/12*,6/10,1/6,1+2/8**,4/8,2/9 or 2/7*** and 4/7)
*5/6 in sonic & knuckles, but 11/12 in sonic 3 & knuckles
**Generations seaside hill includes ocean palace,, so level 1+ level 2...
***SD unleashed had Savannah Citadel as a boss-only level, and no Skyscraper Scramble

2-too many levels of the same theme.
basically half of the game was composed of city levels (speed highway,city escape,crisis city and rooftop run)
an there were 2'hills' levels (green hill,seaside hill) and 2 industrial levels (chemical plant and planet wisp), we also have crisis city twice, one as a level and another as vs silver...

so! if i was in charge, the levels would be...:

Genesis Era:First few levels of the games
1:Green hill:First level of the first game, no changes needed.
2:Chemical Plant:same reasoning as the above, with the number 2.
3:Sandopolis: this is from Sonic & Knuckles, the latter half of sonic 3. it's also, that game's 3rd level, or the 9th with both together.but let's forget that...

Dreamcast Era:mid-levels, not too early but not too later in-game.
4:Ice Cap:4th sonic level instead of the 6th from adventure,this one also represents sonic 3's first half since it wouldn't have a level of it's own
5:Green Forest:3rd Sonic Level of SA2, and the place of the fist sonic vs shadow battle ever.
6:Casino Park:Sega Really surprised me by not including a casino level in the hd version.

Modern Era:the last few levels of the games
7:Flame Core:Sonic went there just after Crisis City, and that's already in Silver's Battle Anyway
8:Jungle Joyride: Represented Southwestern Asia in Unleashed, an the penultimate place visisted in either version.Also known as Adabat
9:Asteroid Coaster:Game Land suggests that this is the 7th level of the game, but you can play it as the 5th or 6th...

Timeless Era
10:Center of time
i only think that they should've made a level with features of ALL the game's levels before the boss, and that's the only thing i would change there...

an this would also cover many different themes: Hills,Industrial,Desert,Snow,Forest,Casino,Volcanic,Aquatic/Ruins and Space.

i wouldn't change any boss battles (only make the final boss a little more...clear, like the 3ds version)

come on, share your ideas!
My ''D'' is not working properly, so if the post above makes little sense, try adding one somewhere, an ifyou can, send me an mensage about it, i'll fix it!

User Info: Ikari Gendo

Ikari Gendo
5 years ago#2
Wow you would have put in Sandopolis? I though everyone hated those levels.

Not sure exactly what I would have changed but I would have put in the ridiculous rail levels from SA2 made even more ridiculous. Ice Cap for the Genesis era, mainly for the music.

User Info: craelon

5 years ago#3
1 - Green Hill (gotta keep that one)
2 - Oil Ocean (that was the most unique level of the entire game)
3 - Lava Reef (the pits in Sky Sanctuary make it harder than it needs to be for just the 3rd level)
4 - Windy Valley (I WANTED TO BOOST UP A TORNADO. Also, Sonic 3D Blast music remix FTW)
5 - City Escape (nothing beats boarding down San Fransisco on a piece of helicopter)
6 - Lost Jungle (we need moar jungle levels)
7 - White Acropolis (Sonic Team, Y U NO PUT IN SNOW LEVEL!?)
8 - Rooftop Run (why fix what isn't broken?)
9 - Planet Wisp (to represent the game that is all about saving the wisps I believe this is the right choice)
I declare this post a VICTORY ( ^-^ )v
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  3. if you coul change what levels were in the game, how would it look like?

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