So glad that this came to PC.

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User Info: AsssMonkeee

6 years ago#1
I had seen a review last year, and it seemed like a really fun game. Only to find out I couldnt play it because I didnt have a console. This year my dream came true. I played through the whole thing yesterday after buying it on steam, also did the DLC, but didnt beat the final boss of it cuz he was ****ing hard. Once the big guy started doing his candy roar he just destroyed my guys. Any tips on what cotumes and stamps to use?

User Info: Great_Aether

6 years ago#2
I just beat the big guy myself a few minutes ago. The costumes I used were the Ninja with the big attack increase stamp (jawbone I think it was), the Pumpkin with the full HP auto-revive stamp, and the Unicorn with the large HP recovery stamp. So long as you press the right buttons when he attacks and time your attacks and specials right, it shouldn't a problem. The pumpkin's special in particular helps a lot here since it takes off a good ~385 when he's above that amount of HP. I had a couple of close calls but overall it ended well.

I was in the same boat as you, just hoping it would come out for PC eventually. What a surprise it was when I saw it on Steam the other day! Well worth the purchase. Now onto Grubbins on Ice for me.
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User Info: Crimson Phantom

Crimson Phantom
6 years ago#3
main game

jawbone +45 aoe
poison aoe (the better one)
frighten + one (the better one) and vs bosses I went with + def


Space Knight
Statue of Liberty


Double attack stamp
Best aoe poison one and vs bosses Everyone gets healed +75/round
Frighten + one and vs bosses defense boost (which wasn't useful or necessary...)

Eyeball / Pirate / Space Knight
Statue of Liberty

Double heals are good

Was easy peasy
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