Losing my **** (DMC 3 DMD Mission 19) HELP!

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User Info: solidus9891

3 years ago#1
Okay, I have royal guard lvl 3 and trickster lvl 3 (never cared about mastering the other styles). I breezed through my first time at the hour glass fight and proceeded straight to the boss but after using a few items and dying I restarted the lvl. I am ******. For whatever reason (and I've noticed this in other instances) certain battles fluctuate from hard to nigh impossible on the same difficulty.

I have tried 50 times to pass the hourglass fight and cannot. I just learned abyss are vulnerable to cerb but after taking a few of them on in the graveyard it gave almost no damage boost. I've tried keeping them from devil triggering to the last possible moment (seems they regain health no matter how low they were previously), I've tried using quicksilver to slow down time and I've tried spamming devil stars but no matter what I try at BEST I end up with one abyss left with 1/4 health.

Can someone please give me advice outside of "real impact this" or "dance macabre that"? I swear to god on my first run through I wasn't focused and I don't button mash so it couldn't have been a fluke. Has anyone noticed fluctuating difficulty like this?

User Info: UbberDevil

3 years ago#2
I'm sure you've noticed that when ever you kill two enemies then the rest will devil trigger. My advice is to ignore the devil triggered ones and kill any that aren't. If you focus on the devil triggered enemies then that will only lead to more of them.
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User Info: yarrmateys

3 years ago#3
Use swordmaster (lv3), equip Agni and Rudra
Let the Abyss bunch together
use the lockon + away + style move (Twister) to launch all 3 simultaneously
repeat until they're almost dead, then DT flux
Then the 4th lone Abyss will spawn, and you're free to deal with it individually.

For the 3 initial Abyss, it's not that crucial to wait until all 3 are bunched up when you start Twister spamming. Once I get 2 near me (which isn't that hard, since they either like to backflip-slash, or teleport near you, putting them in range for a twister), I start twisting. The 3rd will eventually walk into range soon.

One important thing to know about Abyss is that while they counter getting knocked back with a backflip-slash or teleport, there's nothing they can do when they get launched. And in the M19 hourglass, you don't want backflipping/teleporting Abyss since 1) they waste your time and 2) too much of these and the fight may get out of control.

That's why Nevan (Reverb Shock) and A&R (Twister) are so awesome against them - these weapons can launch multiple enemies at once, Twister being slightly better at it (3-4 enemies at a time when you're surrounded, while Nevan can usually launch only 2)

User Info: Cryptosperidium

3 years ago#4
This site has some good strategies on DMD missions: http://devils-lair.org/dmc3dmdss.php

If you're willing to use items to get past it, then you could spam holy water too.
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Quicksilver slows the enemies down, not the hourglass.

The biggest thing is making sure none of the enemies devil trigger, or as few as possible. Focus not on killing them one at a time but rather on getting them all low in health and wiping them all out at once with a DTE.
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User Info: bvillebro

3 years ago#6

To beat DMD, it would be wise to level up the other styles. You don't have to become a master at thrm, but you need to max them out. Refight M20 V3 boss to get 13500 exp repeatedly

The elemental boost from Cerberus in DMD is so small its negligible. Don't use this weapon

I have SS ranked this mission on VH, and S ranked on DMD (I can go through the abyss without any damage, but always get hit at least once vs Arkham). But like you, when I first played, I couldn't get past the hourglass section because of the time limit

The strategy I eventually came up with is almost foolproof, and very similar to the one used on devils lair (I had come up with it without consulting the site, and later realized how similar it was)
Using twister is great for room of the fallen ones (first area of M19,) but I wouldn't recommend it in the hourglass room.Reason being is the final abyss will spawn in devil trigger, with a full health bar. It will take an unnecessarily long time to kill him.
Plus, the abyss begin bunched up together in the first room, making them all within range of twister. In the hourglass room, they are not, and it requires positioning to get them near each other

Devil triggered enemies are not a problem if you
1. Know how to stun/launch them
2. Have them at low health when they devil trigger

Come in with swordmaster lv.3, beowulf and rebellion

Start off by charging a DTE. Do a rising high time to launch the first abyss. Do 2-3 cuts of aerial rave, then weapon switch to beowulf and use hammer, then killer bee onto his fallen body. Jump cancel off the killer bee into a helm breaker for extra (but unnecessary) damage. Move to the next abyss and repeat the combo. On the third abyss, just launch him and use hammer. Release your DTE. Abyss 1 and 2 will die, abyss 3 will go devil trigger, but will havr a little more than a third of his health left

Abyss 4 will spawn far away, without devil trigger Charge your dte again. Do a non rising high time, then immediately use real impact. If he tries to teleport. Stand right underneath him and use real impact.

Follow up your real impact with tornado, then jump cancel out of the final kick with a hammer. Use another real impact on his grounded body, and follow up until he dies. Let lose the DTE you have remaining (about 3-4 runes) and it should kill the devil triggered abyss. If he still is alive, real impact finishes him off

Using this strategy, you should never take a hit, and all four abyss will die with about 1/4 of the hourglass left to spare.

Not the only strategy, but works for me
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