Tips for Mundas?

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User Info: Sixxx

5 years ago#1
I'm having a hard time with this fight both air and on ground... Any tips? How are ppl getting multiple vitality stars and untouchables? And is there any trick to beating him?

User Info: Billysan

5 years ago#2
After beating hard mode you can abuse the new game plus feature to replay the game on normal and stock up on items. Mainly for DMD.
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User Info: ewalk

5 years ago#3
Well for ground mode all I can really say is use your shotgun, take out the big orbs first, then small orbs. When he shoots them back you can also use your sword to deflect.

Check out some videos of people getting a flawless victory against Mundus, all the strategies should apply.

User Info: tairaa1991

5 years ago#4
i beat him usuing only 1 untouchable and 1 small lfie star
used it bout mid way through the space fight
then goit up to him on the rock and used my devil trigger, only upgraded it once
used grenade launcher to kill alot of stuff, when the fire dragon came out and started destroying things i used the untouchable, stood in teh lava with devil trigger and finished mundus off

User Info: little_whiskers

5 years ago#5
first battle. you can hold a button to fly faster so you can dodge things easier....just practice and be patient..very easy but repetitive

second battle (this is what i do, it works for me on all difficulties) equip shotgun. whenever you have devil trigger hop right up to his face and slash away with his sword and DODGE his attacks...sooner or later he will summon a lava dragon, if you kill it by reflecting it's fireball back at him he WILL die and give you a large green orb. use shotgun to destroy orbs before mundus uses them against you. keep hacking and slashing.

this is what i did to get a S on him on DMD...takes practice and some luck
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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

5 years ago#6
I just spammed devil stars. I'm bad I know..
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User Info: Brian__420

5 years ago#7
I found that round trip was really good for damage during the ground phase. I think it took off like 5 % for every dt'd round trip plus mashing on the shoot button when not dodging also helped the process along. Overall I didn't find him that hard on the ground in the air he is annoying as all hell though lol.
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User Info: phudabulah

5 years ago#8
For the air battle: You should almost never be sitting still, you have to constantly avoid the stuff getting thrown at you. I say *almost* never because there are brief periods when you get up close where he does not throw anything that you can remain stationary and spam the attack button. Like seriously spam, I had to adjust the placement of my right hand to spam it fast enough cause my fingers were too slow. As for dodging, with the meteor shower I move in slow circular patterns across the screen to avoid it. Same with the red and white lasers. The lightning and rocks should be easy to avoid. Hit the devil trigger when you get it powered up enough. You should constantly be firing, at least I always was. I was never not firing.

The ground battle is a *****. I had to use one devil star near the end.
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User Info: darksolgamer

5 years ago#9

From: Gunvalkyrie2 | #006
I just spammed devil stars. I'm bad I know..

So much this. Spamming devil stars ftw!
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