Crap gifters

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User Info: jakeman66

5 years ago#1
dagobert313 , level 200 gifter of stamina. Hoping it was a mistake but will keep an eye open.
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User Info: DHIGGS2000

5 years ago#2

The developers keep messing with the gifting formula, we will all be on the crap gifters list soon, and not by our own choice.

User Info: CaptainGeorgia

5 years ago#3
I used to get annoyed with the crappy gifts but I think it's more likely a problem with the system. I am tired of sending energy every time so I am back to bulk gifting knowing that some will not receive what I selected. Obviously a level 60 can't receive a sniper cannon, etc. but I hope at least a few go through. Based on previous threads my understanding is that the system converts items to level appropriate gifts but I hope that conversion doesn't equate to stamina. I'm level currently at level 197 btw

User Info: KozyMo

5 years ago#4

Who knows what who is receiving really? 

Yeah, due to the system adjusting gifts to match level and probably sending crap gifts, I'm back to just bulk gifting only and not bothering with it.

User Info: TinySue

5 years ago#5
Just so everyone is on the same page, Disney sent an update today that weakened the gifting system. Ok, that is a understatement. So don't shoot the gifter, instead shoot Disney a message

Use the ask a question link.


User Info: IValidus

5 years ago#6
I just gifted about 5 minutes ago. If anyone happens to read this, check your gifts and see what came through. (From IValidus)

I bulk gifted a Gunpowder Barrel.

(It took me about 90 seconds to find an item that didn't suck. It repeatedly gave me Harpoons, Falconets, Culass, and Rabbits Feet. I'm a level 139... dunno if they messed with the item gifting along with the energy or not...)

User Info: SugarBugFerret

5 years ago#7
I only gift sniper cannons, carvel planking and genoa sails, but I wonder how many actually receive those items... What is the point of allowing us to choose, if they are just going to dumb down our choice to an item off of the top row of a given category? Arrrrgh!
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User Info: jakeman66

5 years ago#8
Damn it dagobert313, stop gifting me stamina. Would rather have nothing than that.
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User Info: nderwater

5 years ago#9
I just sold about 30 low-level items that I'd been gifted since the gifting update. I suppose that this will become the new 'normal'?
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User Info: jakeman66

5 years ago#10
I hear you, at least we can sell bad items but stamina is just wasteful. Its even bad for the environment I hear.
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