earning gems

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User Info: nderwater

5 years ago#11
Players who have just leveled-up or who have full health tend to be toward the front of the line when the game servers pick the next ships to present for battles. Since newer players are easier picking, there tends to be a lot more battles in the shallow end of the pool.
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User Info: krod13

5 years ago#12
Iam_NyteSong posted...
well advised y'all. Krod13, do you mind if I add your gem advice to a list I am compiling? we get so many questions that repeat as new members come here, I thought it would be nice to keep the links and advice that y'all give as a handy resource.

Be my guest, post away. Is there anyway to make the crew list and FAQ threads sticky so they stay on the first page?

I also collected a ton of other information but that was before I found this site so it's most of the information you have already like best quests for energy or gold and combos as well as the minimum required items to complete tasks.

I wish the upload time to invite someone didn't take so long & we didn't get kicked out half the time, but it's a free game, so what can we say, right?

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User Info: ashkees

5 years ago#13
S6I8F4 is my gem code
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User Info: Iam_NyteSong

5 years ago#14
Krod13, I sent an email to GameFAQs on the idea of "sticky". also a way to move add-me bombs to one thread to avoid good threads from getting knocked down and ignored. still waiting on reply.
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