Death war to make more moeny ?

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User Info: oogps

5 years ago#1
I think the Disney has changed the policy to try to make more money.

Every time I login, I will be destroyed within very few minutes. That thing is never happened before.

I cannot spend more time on the game even I like to do so.

My attack 20000+, defence 14000 +, and nearly 180+ crew.

Does any one has the same question?

User Info: wootaejun

5 years ago#2
Aye matey, you be getting into dangerous seas. Yer leveled up to wheres sinkin ye is worth more experience points, yet yer not quite strong enough to defend yerself. Puttin her bluntly you are still a small fish and have swum up into a big pond. Keep at buildin yer crew and keep giftin yer mates so as they be returnin the favor. Also helps to have good crew that is stronger than ye so as they can revenge anyone that sinks ye. If'in yer not already on me crew, be sures ta sends me an invite as I be just that kind of mate. The only attackin I do is to revenge me crew when some scallywag is foolhearty enough to pick on em.

Add me.


User Info: knightshaded

5 years ago#3
WooTaeJun gives good advice....

You'll need to grow 10x to start to slow those attacks, at least that was my experience...

200K attack and 150K defense, and they started to slow a little.
300K attack, and 250K defense - and I'm seeing it slow even more.

Defense is hard to keep high....
Focus on building a crew, and buying *the best* defensive items (planking & dice) IMO
Add knightshaded to your crew, I gift daily! (Gem Code: x8o6s1)

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