Great family game.

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User Info: vrage

5 years ago#1
BEST kinect game ever for the whole family.

User Info: DigitalVampireX

5 years ago#2
vrage posted...
BEST kinect game ever for the whole family.

I totally agree! My kid is loving this, and i had tons of fun too!

User Info: NinjaBerd

5 years ago#3
I disagree with you completely!

I think a more appropriate summary of this game would read: "Best Kinect Game EVER!"
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User Info: Ratsenol

5 years ago#4
Yeah, my kids have been playing it for the past two hours - the only time they've stopped laughing is when a flailing arm accidentally hits someone because there's four of them trying to all squeeze into the screen! It's great that this one can read a group of people rather than just one or two! Definitely worth the money for the kids!

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