good golly, i wasted 800 points on this!

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  3. good golly, i wasted 800 points on this!

User Info: rockstar28

5 years ago#1
I seen the trailer and it was just so odd that I took a chance and downloaded it. It's just not fun. kicking little balls and popping balloons isn't a game. stand still and watch yourself freeze. it would have been cool to watch the beer that was getting warm while i played this garbage get a chill. Then my wife walked in the room and just looked at me in a bizarre way and asked "what are you doing?" referring to the lava game while i was standing on our couch getting ready to dive in.

don't get me started on the psychedelic dance montages that kick in. all i needed for back up dancers would be Count Frightenstein and igor and the circle would have been complete

don't waste your 800 points....anybody that says their kids love this game don't realize their kids are well on their way to becoming high school dropouts, get pregnant or fail at life because my intelligence took a massive hit playing this. my 4 year old played it for a bit and went back to playing crimson alliance.

User Info: Distal_Pistol

5 years ago#2
I got my $10 worth just laughing at some of them. My 3 year old has a blast, and I have a blast playing with her. The dance ones are the funniest of all.
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User Info: JMisery

5 years ago#3
Maybe download the trial before spending 800 points?
Also, your comment about kids playing this game was a bit harsh. Not all 4 year olds play Crimson Alliance. Some kids like having fun without a challenge.

User Info: rockstar28

5 years ago#4
i guess it was harsh now that i actually thought of what wrote. this game didn't have me in mind when it was designed as the trailer was plastered with little kids dancing and doing foolish things in the trailer. I should have tried the demo but coming from double fine, i thought just maybe it would be something cool cause i like all their games minus this one.

User Info: Keirka777

5 years ago#5
My 2 an 5 year olds LOVE it. It is exponentially more fun to play if you do it with kids. :)

User Info: ThaKakarot

5 years ago#6
haha my 3 year old daughter loves this game/toy.

She keeps asking "can I play the red curtain game"

$10 well spent i'd say <3

User Info: lucidsun22

5 years ago#7
My three year old son just started playing this weekend and he has an absolute blast! Seeing his face light up and his laughter makes this the best $10 I've ever spent on an Xbox live game.

User Info: JHawkZero

5 years ago#8
This game is the most fun for two types of people; kids under 10 and drunk adults. That's not saying sober adults can't have fun but those are DFHAT's target demos and I've got to say, they nailed it with the majority of the activities.
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  3. good golly, i wasted 800 points on this!

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